Howell Eddie P, Youngman Carl A, Hardison Jack E, Tribble Robert E: Borehole thermal conductivity measurements. Atlantic Richfield Company, June 13, 1972: US3668927 (23 worldwide citation)

A system for making thermal conductivity measurements in dry boreholes. A probe having a temperature sensor, a heater, and expander means is inserted into a borehole. The expander means is actuated so that the temperature sensor contacts the sidewall. The heater then heats the sensor and temperature ...

Howell Eddie P, Hardison Jack E, Campbell William M: Geothermal exploration. Atlantic Richfield Company, February 6, 1973: US3714832 (9 worldwide citation)

A uranium prospecting system based on the determination of temperature anomalies in the earth's crust. The earth heat flux is measured at preselected points in shallow boreholes in order to detect heat given off as a result of radioactive decay. Localized anomalies are indicative of concentrations o ...







Howell Eddie P: Methode de mesure de la conductivite thermique des cuvelages de puits, Method for measuring the thermal conductivity of well casing and the like. Atlantic Richfield Company, April 3, 1979: CA1051685

Abstract of the Disclosure A method for measuring the thermal conductivity of wellcasing in situ. The instrument consists of a probe several feetin length lowered into a well and decentralized so that it main-tains contact with the casing wall. Two temperature sensorssituated adjacent opposite ends ...

Gant Orland J Jr, Howell Eddie P, Coffee Robert D, Hearn Daniel P: Sonde diagraphique pour mesurer le potentiel doxydo- reduction, Logging probe for making redox potential measurements. Atlantic Richfield Company, OSLER HOSKIN & HARCOURT, August 19, 1980: CA1084114

Abstract of the Disclosure Method and apparatus for electrical logging in a mud-filled borehole by sensing redox potential and other formation characteristics. An elongated, tubular probe body contains spaced-apart reference and potential measuring electrodes which extend longitudinally thereof and ...