Howard Head: Tennis racket. Prince Manufacturing, Seidel Gonda & Goldhammer, December 28, 1976: US03999756 (44 worldwide citation)

The tennis racket has a strung surface which is larger than the strung surface of a conventional racket, particularly in regard to its dimension in a longitudinal direction from the frame tip toward the handle shaft of the racket. The conventional length, weight, and balance which have proven necess ...

Gerard F Sweeton, Howard Head: Oscillator type ball deflector. Prince Manufacturing, Sperry and Zoda, February 8, 1977: US04006726 (6 worldwide citation)

A ball projecting machine is provided with ball deflector for controlling the direction in which balls are projected from the machine. The deflector is movable from one position to another and is actuated by a ball being projected so that the direction of travel of successive balls discharged from t ...