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A thermal ink jet printer is disclosed in which ink droplets are ejected from an orifice by the explosive formation of a vapor bubble within the ink supply due to the application of a two part electrical pulse to a resistor within the ink supply. The electrical pulse comprises a precurser pulse and ...

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An ink fill slot 18 can be precisely manufactured in a substrate 12 utilizing photolithographic techniques with chemical etching. N-type silicon wafers are double-side coated with a dielectric layer 26 comprising a silicon dioxide layer and/or a silicon nitride layer. A photoresist step, mask alignm ...

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In an ink jet printing system, a single nozzle or an array of nozzles are etched in a semiconductor material such as silicon. Each nozzle has polygonal or N-sided entrance and exit apertures of different cross-sectional area. Preferably, the nozzle is in the shape of a truncated pyramid with the ent ...

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The practice of this disclosure obtains a monolithic structure useful for electrohydrodynamically synchronizing the formation of droplets in a jet stream exiting from a jet nozzle. The monolithic structure is primarily adaptable for ink jet printing. The jet nozzle structure provided by the practice ...

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An improved impulse jet head structure utilizing etched silicon as the body of the structure. A silicon substrate is etched so as to form a nozzle groove, cavity, and ink supply groove. A layer of glass or other material is bonded to the top of the substrate so as to enclose the cavity and define, a ...

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A three-sided barrier structure (22), comprising three walls (24a-c), is provided in conjunction with a resistor (10) used in a thermal ink-jet printhead. Placement of the structure less than about 25 .mu.m from the resistor results in longer resistor life and an improvement in the static bubble pur ...

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A method of manufacturing a thermal ink jet printhead wherein a reusable mandrel consisting of either a metal pattern on an insulating or semiconductive substrate or an insulating pattern on a metal substrate or metal layer is used in the process of electroforming a plurality of metal substrates use ...

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An orifice plate is thermally bonded to a thick film photopolymer spacer fabricated on a print head substrate using heat and compression. The compression is applied by pressurized gas to a pliable sheet covering the orifice plate and substrate assembly. Heat can be supplied through a vacuum chuck on ...

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Off-setting the orifice (20) from the resistor (10) in a thermal ink-jet printhead provides improved print quality by controlling misdirection of first drops (26), second and subsequent drops (28) in multidrop printing, and for satellite drop control.