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A method and apparatus for detecting abnormal calling activity in a communications network is described. In one embodiment, usage data associated with at least one phone number is obtained from the communications network. The usage data is subsequently processed to determine if abnormal calling acti ...

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The invention relates to a method and system for wireless and network based mapping method and system for supporting field personnel to access, select and download facilities related maps and related information. Mapping files are manipulated in accordance with a grid block overlay over a first leve ...

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A method and apparatus for identifying fiber optic jumper cables is presented. A radio-frequency identification system is presented in which a tag is placed in an ST connector. The tag includes a memory storing jumper cable identification information. The jumper cable identification information iden ...

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An underground utility conveyance (10) may be precisely located by impressing both a locating tone and a confirmation tone on the conveyance. The locating tone is an RF signal that produces a first field that radiates above the earth that is sensed by a first, above-ground signal detector (22) to es ...

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The present invention is a system and method for searching a large database of dig location tickets for tickets of particular interest. A user can locate an area of concern on an on-screen map and can view a list of tickets received for a given date range of the map. For example, when underground pl ...



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In an IP network, tabulating the number of data packets received from and/or sent to a particular IP address over time can provide a mechanism by which it is possible to determine or predict overloading of a node or nodes in an IP data network. By selectively deleting data packets received from a su ...


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This infrastructure computer and program uses information supplied by sensors to calculate the operational characteristics of back up systems located at central offices during times of crisis such as the loss of commercial power, or some other natural or man-made disaster. The sensors transmit the b ...