Hossain H Saneii: Solid phase peptide synthesizer. Flynn Thiel Boutell & Tanis, May 24, 1988: US04746490 (95 worldwide citation)

An apparatus for peptide synthesis in which a plurality of supply valves are arranged in series to define a line for supplying successive reagents to a reaction vessel in which a peptide is to be synthesized. A corresponding plurality of containers contain respective reagents and each, by actuation ...

Jackson B Hester Jr, Suvit Thaisrivongs, Tomi K Sawyer, Ruth E TenBrink, Hossain H Saneii, Heinrich J Schostarez, Donald T Pals: Renin inhibitory peptides containing an N-alkyl-histidine moiety. The Upjohn Company, Lawrence T Welch, November 14, 1989: US04880781 (21 worldwide citation)

The present invention provides novel renin-inhibiting peptides and novel processes and intermediates for the preparation of both novel and known renin-inhibiting peptide analogs. Such inhibitors are useful for the diagnosis and control of renin-dependent hypertension.