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An ablation balloon catheter for treating tissues or atherosclerosis on a patient having a prior angioplasty procedure, the balloon catheter comprising a conductive elastomer electrode means which is coated onto a balloon surface and is connected to a radiofrequency current source to supply radiofre ...

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A catheter system and methods for repairing a valvular annulus or an annular organ structure of a patient comprising sandwiching and compressing the annulus and applying heat sufficient to shrink or tighten tissue surrounding the annulus defect.

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A percutaneously deliverable heart valve prosthesis and method of delivery, wherein the prosthesis is anchored to a valvular annulus of a patient and used to replace the patient's diseased valve. The prosthesis is supported by a rigid frame that is generally fixed, but capable of being modified betw ...

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The current invention discloses a catheter and a method for delivering a stentless bioprosthesis in a body channel, the method comprising percutaneously introducing a catheter into the body channel, wherein the catheter contains said stentless bioprosthesis at a retracted state; and disengaging said ...

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An improved ablation catheter system comprising an ablation element on a distal section of an elongate catheter tubing, the ablation element having dual capability of radiofrequency ablation and ultrasound ablation, the ablation element comprising an ultrasound transducer, a conductive outer surface ...

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An ablation device for treating atherosclerotic tissues of a patient, the ablation device comprising a catheter shaft and an inner catheter, the inner catheter having a deployable electrode means, wherein the deployable electrode means comprises a plurality of preshaped expandable metallic basket me ...