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The regulation system is used for an electric drive unit (17) supplied from a fuel cell (1) on board the vehicle, the power obtained from the fuel cell adjusted by regulating the oxidant mass flow rate. Pref. a required power signal is supplied in dependence on the depression of the vehicle accelera ...

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The invention relates to a device and a method for starting a vehicle which is driven by an electric drive unit which is supplied with electric energy from a fuel cell. A compressor which is driven by an electric motor which is supplied with voltage from the fuel cell itself is arranged in the feed ...

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Liquid cooled systems having coolant circulation loops (136) must often operate in below freezing conditions. For instance, in various applications certain fuel cell systems (10) must be able to tolerate repeated shutdown and storage in below freezing conditions. Conventional glycol-based coolants t ...

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Die Erfindung betrifft ein Verfahren und eine Vorrichtung zur Befeuchtung von Prozessgas für den Betrieb von Brennstoffzellensysteme. Zur Gewährleistung eines guten Wirkunsgrades muss das Prozessgas bei vorgegebener Temperatur und Feuchtigkeit zugeführt werden. Es wird vorgeschlagen, feine Wassertrö ...

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The invention relates to an integrated drive unit comprising a fuel cell power source rigidly coupled to an electric machine where the drive unit exhibits an electric and/or a mechanical power output and fluid connections for conducting a fluid stream to and from the fluel cell power source.

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the vehicle has an electric drive system (36) which recovers braking energy, a fuel cell system providing electrical power to the drive system and a mechanism for direct use of recovered braking energy in at least one energy consuming component of the fuel cell system. A compressor (4) compresses ox ...

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The vehicle has an electric drive motor (1). The required current is determined by a driven fuel cell system (4). This is then fed directly to the motor. The fuel cell current is measured. From this, the amount of fuel fed to it per unit time is determined. The vehicle speed may also be measured. Fr ...

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(EN) Although the basic principle of the fuel cell has already long been known, intensive developments always result in novel aspects of the practical realization of the fuel cell. The invention proposes a supply system (3) for a fuel cell stack (2) with a cathode gas supply line for supplying an ox ...

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A fuel cell system has anode and cathode chambers (2,3) that are separated by a proton-conducting membrane (PEM). A pipeline (6) feeds acid-containing gas to the cathode chamber and another one (5) feeds a liquid fuel/coolant mixture to the anode chamber. There is a return pipeline between the anode ...

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The starter circuit for a fuel cell powered vehicle has a circuit which allows starting of the engine or vehicle systems complete without the presence of the driver in the immediate vicinity. The circuit includes an infra-red remote control (3) with a receiver on the vehicle. The control circuit can ...