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PURPOSE: A de-cladding machine for irradiated nuclear fuel is provided to cut a metal nuclear fuel rod or de-clad with a different width by exchanging a bite inside a hot cell. CONSTITUTION: A de-cladding machine for irradiated nuclear fuel includes a base(10), a workpiece clamping unit(20), a workp ...

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Radio transmitting and receiving circuits (see Fig. 2) are disclosed which operate by wireless without interference and where the main body of a video camera is detached from the view finder 172. A timing controller 60 applied to the radio transmitting circuit inserts an encoding signal into a video ...

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An apparatus and a method for automatically adjusting the recording speed of a video cassette recorder, wherein the recording speed is automatically changed by comparing the remaining length of a tape with the remaining recording time of a program, thereby enabling the program to be recorded without ...


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A magnetic recording/reproducing apparatus not requiring mechanical adjustment of the X-distance of an Audio/Control (A/C) head is disclosed. The apparatus comprises a reference pulse generating means 70, a delay control signal generating means 62, and first and second delaying means 66 and 68. The ...


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A method for automatically performing a next mode in a tape recorder after a present operating mode is completed, the method comprising; a first stop for checking for the selection of a mode key indicating the mode which is to be performed next; a second stop for checking whether or not the selected ...