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Cross slide gestures for touch displays are described. In at least some embodiments, cross slide gestures can be used on content that pans or scrolls in one direction, to enable additional actions, such as content selection, drag and drop operations, and the like. In one or more embodiments, a cross ...

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This document describes techniques and apparatuses for arranging tiles. These techniques and apparatuses enable users to quickly and easily arrange tiles within an interface, such as an application-launching interface. In some cases, users may arrange tiles in an interface with as little as one cont ...

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This document describes content-based snap points and techniques that use these snap points. In some embodiments, multiple content-based snap points are used to stop at points in content that are convenient, prevent overshooting of important parts in the content, and/or aid user's in manipulating an ...

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A computing device, and method thereof, may have a first display. A first user input is received from an input device of the computing device. In response, a task manager is displayed, the task manager having representations of respective objects on the computing device. When a second user input is ...





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Various embodiments enable notifications to be generated in both touch and non-touch environments. In at least some embodiments, a notification window is presented and a drag operation can reveal one or more secondary actions that can be performed. In at least some embodiments, selection of one or m ...

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Various embodiments provide self-revealing gestures that are designed to provide an indication of how to perform one or more different gestures. In at least one embodiment, an initiation gesture is received, relative to an object. The initiation gesture is configured to cause presentation of a visua ...