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The aq. synthetic resin dispersions (I) contain: (a) an ionic epoxy resin derived from bisphenol A substd. with aralkyl gp(s)., (b) a capped polyisocyanate, and (c) a polymer of radically polymerisable olefinic monomer(s). Also claimed are: (i) a process for the prodn. of (I) from a mixt. of vinyl m ...

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Curing agent for aqueous epoxy resin dispersions, obtained by reacting an adduct (A) of at least one polyepoxide (A1) and at least one polyalkylene polyether polyol (A2), where the adduct (A) may have been modified by means of a secondary amine (A3), with I. a product of the reaction of an amine (B) ...

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1. Aqueous epoxy resin dispersions containing (A) an epoxy resin which is a product of the condensation of (A-1) from 50 to 95 % by weight, preferably from 55 to 85 % by weight, of one or more epoxide compound(s) containing at least two epoxide groups per molecule and having an epoxide equivalent we ...

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Verfahren zur Herstellung von wässrigen Epoxidharz-Dispersionen, enthaltend (1) 20 bis 75 Gew.-%, bezogen auf die gesamte Dispersion, ein Epoxidharz, das ein Kondensationsprodukt aus a) Epoxidverbindungen mit mindestens einer Epoxidgruppe pro Molekül und einem Epoxidäquivalentgewicht von 90 bis 3000 ...

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Amino-urethanes (I) claimed are of formula R3-N(Re)-A-R1-NH-C(O)-O-CH2-CH(OH)-CH2- R-CH2-CH(OH)-CH2-O-C(O)-NH- R1-A-N(R2)R3 R is residue of a diglycidyl ether or ester, or 2-18 alkylene gp.; R1 is opt. branched 2-18C alkylene; R2 is H, 1-8Calkyl, or 1-8C hydroxyalkyl; R3 is R2, or R3 with R2 can for ...

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Die Erfindung betrifft die Verwendung von vernetzten Polymermikroteilchen mit einer mittleren Teilchengrösse von höchstens 5 [mu]m und einer Glasübergangstemperatur (Tg) von mindestens +30 DEG C in wässrigen Lackzubereitungen als Füllstoff und/oder als teilweiser Ersatz von Weisspigmenten, insbesond ...

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A process wherein the crosslinking is effected by reacting the dialkyl methanecarboxylate monoamide structures of the resin with free hydroxyl or amino groups. The compounds employed for introducing the crosslinking functions contain a free isocyanate group and at least one mono- and/or dialkyl meth ...

Hoenel Michael Dr, Ziegler Peter Dr, Wehner Susanne, Kueper Klaus, Voelker Achim Dr: Reaction products of dialkyl tin oxide and polyhydric phenols.. Hoechst, November 18, 1993: EP0569845-A1 (2 worldwide citation)

These reaction products are suitable as catalysts having improved properties for the curing of paint binders.

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Coating compositions comprising A) one or more resins having amino-reactive groups, B) one or more polyamine curing agents, C) one or more aminourethanes which are reaction products of C1) oligomeric or polymeric compounds which contain at least one, preferably two or more terminal 2-oxo-1,3-dioxola ...

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Aqueous synthetic resin dispersions containing A) an ionic resin, preferably a cationic resin, B) a masked polyisocyanate and C) a polymer comprising at least one free-radical-polymerizable ethylenically unsaturated monomer. These synthetic resin dispersions are used as binders in electrodeposition ...