Hess Roland H, Hoekje Howard H, Creasey Jack R, Strain Franklin: Tire. PPG, October 30, 1973: US3768537 (85 worldwide citation)

The novel tire is comprised of a silica-filled rubber compound which includes a coupling agent such as mercaptopropyl trimethoxysilane. The coupling agent is a compound that forms a bond or connection between rubber and silica. The coupling agent is preferably allowed to interact with the silica pri ...

Hoekje Howard H: Electrolytic cell having silicon bipolar electrodes. PPG, Goldman Richard M, December 16, 1975: US3926770 (21 worldwide citation)

Disclosed is a bipolar electrolyzer having a plurality of bipolar electrodes. The bipolar electrodes are electroconductive silicon metallic electrodes having an anodic surface on one side and a cathodic surface on the opposite side.

Hoekje Howard H: Electrodes having silicon base members. PPG, Goldman Richard M, December 3, 1974: US3852175 (17 worldwide citation)

An electrode is disclosed having an electroconductive surface on an electroconductive silicon substrate. Also disclosed is an electrolytic cell containing an anode having an electroconductive surface on an electroconductive silicon substrate and an electrolytic process for the electrolysis of brines ...

Hoekje Howard H, Strain Franklin, Wilson William L: Process for preparing pigmentary metal oxide. PPG, February 15, 1972: US3642442 (16 worldwide citation)

Metal oxides, such as titanium dioxide, are prepared by vapor phase oxidation of corresponding metal halides in a reaction zone supplied with heat energy from a gaseous stream heated by electrical energy. A gaseous plasma is generated by passing said gaseous stream through a discharge being conducte ...

Hoekje Howard H: Electroconductive, corrosion resistant high silicon alloy. PPG, Goldman Richard M, December 17, 1974: US3854940 (9 worldwide citation)

Disclosed is a silicon base alloy containing sufficient dopant to provide an electrical conductivity in excess of 100 (ohm-centimeters).sup.-.sup.1, and sufficient transition group metal to provide a volumetric coefficient of expansion upon solidification of less than about 10 percent, and balance s ...

Hoekje Howard H, Welch Cletus N: Process for the production of chlorine dioxide. PPG, Benjamin Roger S, February 4, 1975: US3864457 (8 worldwide citation)

Disclosed is an improved process for the production of chlorine dioxide by the reaction of an alkali metal chlorate with sulfur dioxide in an acidic medium containing chloride ions. The improvement involves introducing sulfur dioxide and chlorine to an acidic solution of sodium chlorate containing c ...

Hoekje Howard H: Poudre de borure de metal refractaire submicronique, et methode de preparation connexe, Sub-micron refractory metal boride powder and method for preparing same. PPG Industries, April 22, 1980: CA1075877

Abstract of the Disclosure Sub-micron titanium diaboride powder and other hard, refractorymetal boride powders, such as zirconium diboride and hafnium diboridepowders, are prepared by vapor phase reaction of the correspondingmetal halide, e.g., titanium halide, and coron source reactante in theprese ...

Hoekje Howard H, Simmons Robert B, Carlson Gordon A: Electrolyseur bipolaire avec contre-plaque a feuille de silicium, Bipolar electrolyzer having silicon laminate backplate. PPG Industries, January 1, 1980: CA1069081

ABSTRACT OF THE DISCLOSUREDisclosed is a bipolar electrolyzer having a plurality of bipolarunits spaced from and parallel to each other with a pair of bipolar unitsdefining a single electrolytic cell therebetween. Each of the bipolar unitshas an anode on one surface and a cathode on the opposite sur ...

Johnson Harlan B, Hoekje Howard H, Chamberlin Ronald D: Electrolyse du chlorure metallique a laide de cathodes a revetement anodique de platine et de metaux de terres rares, Metal chloride electrolysis using cathode with onide coating of platinum and alkaline earth metals. PPG Industries, BORDEN LADNER GERVAIS, April 28, 1981: CA1100089

ABSTRACT OF THE DISCLOSURE Disclosed is a method of electrolyzing an aqueous alkali metalchloride, which method comprises passing an electrolytic current from ananode of an electrolytic cell through an alkali metal chloride electrolyteto a cathode of the cell, evolving chlorine at the anode and hydr ...