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A phase-change memory device may include first and second spaced apart conductive electrodes, and a phase-change memory element coupled between the first and second conductive electrodes. More particularly, a first portion of the phase-change memory element may have a first cross-sectional area alon ...

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The present invention relates to a transistor in a semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same, more particularly to a new dual gate P

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Biomaterial medical devices or products, e.g., absorbable sutures or joint prostheses components, are gamma irradiation sterilized in the substantial absence of oxygen (e.g., vacuum treatment to 5.times.10.sup.-6 torr) while being maintained at a temperature about that of liquid nitrogen, with impro ...

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Aminoxyl-containing radical is provided in polymers and copolymers by replacing a hydroxyl moiety in a carboxyl group at a chain end of a starting material biodegradable polymer or copolymer with imino or oxy linked to aminoxyl-containing radical to form an amide linkage or an oxycarbonyl linkage at ...

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Disclosed is a method for manufacturing a metal-oxide-semiconductor (MOS) device formed in an epitaxial silicon layer on insulator substrate comprising the steps of forming a field oxide layer defined an active region of the MOS device in the silicon layer and forming a gate oxide on the silicon lay ...

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A multifunctional computer have a computer case. One side of the front surface of the case is installed with a data input/output device region having a plurality of spaces for being arranged with different devices a system monitor, a disk driver (a hard disk driver, a floppy disk driver, a compact d ...

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A stack package of the present invention is made by stacking at least two area array type chip scale packages. Each chip scale package of an adjacent pair of chip scale packages is attached to the other in a manner that the ball land pads of the upper stacked chip scale package face in the opposite ...

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The present invention relates to double-gate FinFET devices and fabricating methods thereof. More particularly, the invention relates to an electrically stable double-gate FinFET device and the method of fabrication in which the Fin active region on a bulk silicon substrate where device channel and ...

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An improved spread spectrum communication system includes a transmitter and a receiver utilizing a pilot channel for the transmission of pure rather than modulated PN codes for code acquisition or tracking purposes with a lower bit error rate. The pilot signal is used to obtain initial system synchr ...

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A semiconductor device such as a flash memory device having a self-aligned floating gate and a method of fabricating the same is provided. An embodiment of the device includes an isolation layer defining a fin body is formed in a semiconductor substrate. The fin body has a portion protruding above t ...