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Urea granules having a desired size are produced in a fluidized bed formed in a vertical cylindrical vessel which is partitioned into an upper compartment and a lower compartment by means of a funnel shaped partition having numerous holes through which the lower compartment is connected to the upper ...

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A spindle motor comprising a bracket, a shaft member secured to the bracket, a rotor rotatively supported by the shaft member while interposing bearings a rotor magnet fastened to the rotor and a stator disposed to confront the rotor magnet, wherein the rotor has a hub portion, to which a recording ...

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Anhydrous magnesium chloride containing substantially no magnesium oxide is produced by a process comprising reacting magnesium chloride in the form of its hexahydrate with ammonia in the presence of ammonium chloride in an aqueous media; separating the resultant precipitated magnesium chloride hexa ...

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Undesirable deposition of polyoxymethylene onto the inner wall of a polymerization reactor and onto a stirrer, which deposition is observed in the slurry polymerization of formaldehyde carried out in an inert organic liquid medium, can be minimized by carrying out the slurry polymerization in the pr ...