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A computer system is provided that allows the content of a user's collection of fixed and removable media to be managed without regard to a specific type of media. The computer system performs equally well with files on floppy discs, removable hard-disks such as Iomega Zip, CDDA discs, CD-ROM d ...

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Immunochemical process of measuring antigenic substances such as human chorionic gonadotropin, growth hormone, insulin, immunoglobulins using a labeled antibody, which makes a monovalent bond to the antigen, and insolubilized antigen.

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An immunochemical measuring method using a second antigenic substance and a labeled antibody to the second antigenic substance.

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Immunochemical measurement by either (1) the reaction of the measurement substance with the insolubilized substance and then the reaction of the reaction product of the first procedure with the labeled substance or (2) the reaction of the measurement substance with the labelled substance and then th ...

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A compound of the formula: ##STR1## WHEREIN Q is a hydrogen atom, --CH.sub.2 CH(OH)CH.sub.2 Rf or a hydrocarbon residue having a valence corresponding to m which may contain one or more of --O--, --COO--, --NH--, --N.dbd. and ##STR2## IN THE CHAIN, R is a hydrogen atom, a hydrocarbon residue or --CH ...

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A braking system actuator includes a casing which accommodates therein a plurality of electromagnetic valves for controlling operations of a hydraulic circuit. A plurality of terminals which are connected to an external circuit are embedded in a surrounding wall of the casing with a given distance f ...

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An immunochemical process and the reagents for measuring hapten by using an agglutination inhibition reaction, anti-hapten antibody sensitized particles and a hapten-carrier conjugate which is capable of agglutinating said particles.

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A method for the quantification of an antigen, antibody, or antigen-antibody complex in a sample solution involving measuring the results of an immunochemical agglutination reaction or an agglutination inhibition reaction by spectrophotometry, wherein after the initiation of the agglutination betwee ...

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A portable media player communicates with a host computer for enabling a user of the player to manage media distribution using the control software of the host computer. The host computer can send a GUI that is displayed on the otherwise “dumb” player, and the user can view the GUI and press a singl ...

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A brake control apparatus for automotive vehicles is provided which has two separate hydraulic brake lines leading to wheel cylinders and performs a brake assisting operation to hold the wheel cylinder pressure higher than the master cylinder pressure in each of the hydraulic brake lines when a brak ...