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An image processing apparatus includes an image acquiring section for acquiring a color image including a human object image, a display section for displaying the acquired color image, a recognition color memory preliminarily storing therein a plurality of face recognition color data for recognition ...

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A structure for securing a plurality of batteries used for an electric vehicle. The battery securing structure includes an inner spacer member having a lower inner spacer member and an upper inner spacer member, each of which is made of a synthetic resin such as polypropylene (PP). The lower inner s ...

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In order to enable communication in which information is exchanged with friends and acquaintances, and a plurality of messages can be listed as on a bulletin board without being aware of electronic mail functions, an electronic mail transmission/reception system comprises a communication mean to tra ...

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A battery box, which is suitable for use in an electric vehicle, comprises a box body and a reinforcement member. The box body accommodates therein a plurality of batteries for powering the electric vehicle and is mounted to the electric vehicle. The reinforcement member is provided with the box bod ...

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The present invention is a self-test circuit (BIST) incorporated in the memory device, which is activated in response to a test activation signal from outside. When this self-test circuit is activated in response to a test activation signal (WBIZ) from outside, it generates a test operation command ...

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A battery box has a center frame extending between two rows of batteries housed in the battery box. The center frame has an array of upwardly projecting locking pins. A central holder bar is installed on the locking pins of the center frame. The battery box also has an inner frame including a left s ...

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A rechargeable lithium battery is disclosed having a positive electrode, a negative electrode and a non-aqueous electrolyte. The positive or negative electrode contains, as its active material, an Li—Ti complex oxide having a spinel crystal structure and represented by the compositional formula Li

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A gate for supplying granule to and removing it from the other apparatus, Which comprises: a drive source (2); a fixed gate (6) having multiple feeder holes arranged such that granule can pass through; a movable gate (7) that is attached such that it can slide across the fixed gate (6) and is equipp ...

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A rechargeable lithium battery including a positive electrode, a negative electrode and a nonaqueous electrolyte, said positive or negative electrode being an electrode which has, on a current collector, a thin film of active material that stores and releases lithium, the thin film of active materia ...

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A nonaqueous electrolyte secondary battery characterized as using a mixture of a first oxide and a second oxide for its positive electrode material. The first oxide is a spinel oxide consisting substantially of lithium, manganese, a metal other than manganese, and oxygen. The second oxide is differe ...