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An automatic chemical analyzer suitable for chemically analyzing a number of analysis items is disclosed. Samples in sample containers are sequentially dispensed to an array of reaction vessels using a first pipetting tube. Reagent solutions selected in accordance with the analysis items are fed to ...

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A semiconductor device includes lead frames (21) respectively having first main surfaces and second main surfaces opposite to each other, bonding being able to be performed on the first and second main surfaces, a first semiconductor chip (22) arranged on first main surface sides of the lead frames, ...

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A chemical analyzer is disclosed in which a sample is supplied from a sample cup on a sample table to an array of reaction cups on a reaction table so that the reaction cups contain the same amount of sample, a reagent pipetting nozzle sucks an appropriate reagent solution from an array of reagent t ...

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Two semiconductor chips are coupled to outer leads by means of tape leads so that the chips are spaced apart from each other. A space between the chips is filled with a mold resin.

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Surfactant-containing seamless capsules of the present invention have an inner layer and an outer layer having a film-forming material. The inner layer contains an oily component and a surfactant component. Such surfactant-containing seamless capsules are produced using in multiple nozzle of triple ...

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A bathing preparation containing (a) fumaric acid, (b) a carbonate, (c) from 0.1 to 20% by weight, based on fumaric acid, of carboxymethyl cellulose, or an alkali metal salt thereof, having a viscosity of not higher than 2,000 cp in a 1.0% by weight aqueous solution at 25.degree. C., or at least 0.2 ...

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A bath additive composition comprises an aluminum salt and a carbonate and makes the pH of bath water 8 or higher but less than 9 when the bath additive composition is dissolved in the bath water. The bath additive composition does not damage bathtubs, bath water heating devices, or the skin of user ...

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This invention relates to IL-4 production inhibitors, antiallergic agents and atopic dermatitis preventives and improvers, each of which contains at one or more compounds selected from the group consisting of hydroxyl-containing monoterpenes, hydroxyl-containing sesquiterpenes and their acylated der ...


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A solar cell includes a semiconductor substrate having a photoelectric converting portion, a first electrode formed on a first main surface of the semiconductor substrate, and a second electrode connected to the first electrode on the first main surface. The first electrode includes a plurality of f ...