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An electrophotographic photoconductor comprising a conductive support, an undercoating layer provided on the conductive support and a photosensitive layer provided on the undercoating layer, in which the undercoating layer comprises a needle-like titanium oxide particles and a binder resin. The need ...

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An object of the invention is to implement a photoreceptor having high sensitivity and faithfully realizing high-density recording. An electrophotographic photoreceptor used for an image forming apparatus for forming a latent image at a resolution of 1200 dpi or more by exposing an object to light a ...

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The object of the invention is to provide an electro-photographic photoreceptor which has high sensitivity to long wavelength light to form a less defective image and exhibits a sufficient electrical charging property at the first rotation of the receptor to rapidly form an image. The electro-photog ...

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The present invention is directed to an electrophotographic photoreceptor which is smooth without orange peel, inhibits the rise of a residual potential and the drop of a charged potential, and is excellent in stability even when it is repeatedly used.

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1,2,4,5-Benzoylenebis(naphto[1,8-de]pyrimidine) compounds of the followig formula (I) or (II): ##STR1## wherein R and R' are, the same or different, hydrogen atom, a halogen atom, hydroxyl group, nitro group, cyano group, an alkyl group which may be substituted, an alkoxyl group which may be substit ...

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A pair of grip scissors is provided which comprises a grip scissor body having a pair of mutually open/close-able scissor segments, a housing case capable of housing therein the grip scissor body movably in the lengthwise direction thereof and of projecting the grip scissor body outward, at least on ...

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An electrophotographic photoconductor comprises a charge generation layer containing a phthalocyanine compound as a charge generation material and a charge transfer layer containing a charge transfer material of a hole transfer type, the charge generation layer and the charge transfer layer are lami ...

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The invention provides an electrophotographic photoreceptor capable of producing high quality images even when development is carried out under low electric potential conditions, and also provides an image forming device incorporating such an electrophotographic photoreceptor. In a photosensitive la ...

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A method of dividing a circuit pattern for creating complementary stencil masks corresponding to complementary patterns, the method comprising a step of dividing a circuit pattern into a plurality of complementary patterns including a first complementary pattern comprising a pattern of a cantilevere ...

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Provided is an electrophotographic photoconductor comprising an electroconductive support and a photosensitive layer including a charge generation layer and a charge transport layer formed on the charge generation layer, the photosensitive layer being formed on the electroconductive support either d ...