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A microwave data transmission apparatus adapted to transmit and receive information by microwaves, which the identification tag is made smaller in size and lighter in weight to considerably improve the convenience in setting operation for use in many applications, can be applied for the production c ...

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In order to prevent a rise in resistance due to oxidation of copper wiring and diffusion of copper, a semiconductor device is provided which contains a wire protective film

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This invention relates to a battery charger which supplementally charges a secondary battery such as a battery and so forth in an automobile with use of a solar cell in which a diffusion-blocking layer is formed between a semiconductor and a reverse electrode for the purpose of preventing deteriorat ...

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An electrophotoconductor having a light-sensitive layer characterized in that a titanyl phthalocyanine is dispersed in a binder, said titanyl phthalocyanine having the structure represented by the general formula: ##STR1## (wherein X.sub.1, X.sub.2, X.sub.3 and X.sub.4 each and independently represe ...

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A mobile navigation system using a communication system between at least one mobile object and a key station. The navigation system includes a unit mounted on the mobile object for determining the position of the mobile object, and a unit mounted on the mobile object for transmitting data representa ...

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A detachable IC card applicable to a portable data processing device referred to as an "electronic organizer" is disclosed. The IC card is formed of microstrip lines formed on a dielectric substrate. An antenna receives an externally applied unmodulated carrier signal and guides the received signal ...

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A functionalized polymer having excellent adhesion, printability, and compatibility in polymer blends or the like which are obtained by introducing an epoxy group, a hydroxyl group or a sulfonic group into a syndiotactic .alpha.-olefin polymer having an olefinic unsaturated bond at its terminus is d ...

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A first radiation member 165 includes radiation conductors 166 and 167, an arm 168 and a lower connection piece 169 all integrally formed by blanking. A stub 170 is likewise integrally formed on radiation conductor 166. A second radiation member 171 includes radiation conductors 172 and 173, an arm ...

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A developing device for use with an image forming apparatus can properly detect a residual toner level by adjusting the toner diffusion in a toner cartridge. The developing device stirs toner in the toner cartridge by rotating an agitator in the toner cartridge, and supplies the stirred toner from a ...

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A filter device that is usable for a print head in an ink jet printer. The filter device is interposed between an ink reservoir and the ink ejecting nozzles. Two flat, permeable thin films are juxtaposed with an adequate clearance from the inlet of a filter chamber toward the outlet thereof to defin ...