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A grip tape for wrapping the gripping handle of a tennis racket, a badminton racket, a golf club, or the like which includes a porous flexible sheet with numerous thin holes provided by coating a polyurethane on a nonwoven fabric so as to provide the user with various effects such as a smooth touch ...

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A data input/output system for gasoline stations which has a console arranged in an office cabin and electrically connected to each of a plurality of outdoor fuel dispensers, said console comprising a fuel dispensation control panel which has a fuel dispensation permission key to be operated for act ...

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A circuit substrate includes a plurality of electronic devices including a heat-generating electronic device, and a printed circuit board having the plurality of electronic devices mounted thereon and having a slit hole for thermally isolating a portion for mounting the heat-generating electronic de ...

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An apparatus for dispensing a liquid, for instance gasoline and the like fuel to vehicles, especially in the manner of the so-called "full tank dispensation", includes a dispensing nozzle with a liquid level sensor at the tip end thereof and a circuit for receiving signals from the level sensor to c ...

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System for radio transmission of level data of liquid contained in a tank and for converting to the level data to volume data to be indicated. A transmitter includes a cell for supplying electric power, a microcomputer connected to the cell and normally dept in a standby state in which it consumes a ...

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An apparatus for measuring the quantity of a liquid such as a fuel in a tank, which comprises liquid level measuring electrodes, comparing electrodes dipped always in the liquid to detect the capacitance inherent to the liquid, an LC oscillator for converting each capacitive value measured by the el ...

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A method for separating and purifying methacrylic acid is disclosed in which an aqueous solution (A) of methacrylic acid containing acetic acid is brought into contact under counter-current flow with a mixed solvent (B) of methyl methacrylate and toluene in a ratio of from 3 : 2 to 1 : 9 by weight, ...

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A process for preparing a methacrylic acid ester by reacting methacrylic acid with a lower aliphatic alcohol in the liquid phase using a solid acid catalyst at a molar ratio of alcohol to methacrylic acid of 1.2-3.0 and a reaction temperature of 70.degree.-100.degree. C. is improved by

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An earth observation system capable of observing the earth globally and uniformly in a steady observation operation mode while observing a given district on the earth in a high-frequency observation operation mode, as occasion requires, includes a plurality of observation satellites each equipped wi ...

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A voice recognition method and apparatus in which a scalar time-space field pattern lattice plane having an abscissa and an ordinate, with one being the time axis and the other the space axis, is obtained from a voice signal inputted as a recognition object, and a voice characteristic pattern based ...