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An apparatus for anastomosing a digestive tract including a plurality of substantially U-shaped retainers that are disposed around an annular groove in the outer periphery of a support tube formed of a soluble material. The annular groove has inner side and bottom surfaces and the retainers are disp ...

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A container crane system comprises a storage area on a crane for storing containers temporarily, a main spreader adapted for conveyance of the containers between the storage area and a ship so constructed that the containers are guided by a cell guide and stowed into a hatch of the ship, and an auxi ...

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A solar battery has a pair of opposed light incident transparent electroconductive and back electrodes sandwiching amorphous silicon layers formed on a substrate with at least a major surface of the back electrode surface being in contact with an organic resin layer and being made of a compound of a ...

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Pushbutton switch configurations are provided in which one or a plurality of pushbutton switches are formed with integrated bases, actuating springs and key top structures to facilitate fabrication of arrays of such switches in a substantially unitary matrix or in line configuration. In a preferred ...

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It is possible to measure a 3-dimensional shape by using a projector and an imaging device without requiring calibration in advance. A pattern light is applied from a projector to an object and this is imaged by an imaging device to capture an image as an input. An in-camera parameter, an in-project ...

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A silver halide photographic light-sensitive material comprised of a support base having thereon a silver halide emulsion layer and an antistatic layer. The antistatic layer contains a nonionic surface active agent having two polyoxyethylene chains in a molecule, the agent being represented by the f ...

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A silver halide photographic material is disclosed comprising a support having thereon at least one layer containing a nonionic surface active agent having a polyoxyethylene group and a fluorine-containing compound, wherein the element composition of the surface of said layer has a ratio of F.sub.ls ...

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A pressure roller is disclosed which comprises: a metal core; an elastic layer formed around the metal core; and a top layer provided over the elastic layer, the top layer having a thickness of not greater than 0.1 mm and being made of a fluororesin, the fluororesin having a coefficient of dynamic f ...

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An elastic key top construction for supporting a key top comprising a key top push or support section on which the key top is mounted, a projection disposed below the key top support section, a first movable wall integral with the key top support section and the projection for connecting the key top ...

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A process for rendering a porous membrane hydrophilic is disclosed, which comprises crosslinking at least one compound represented by the following general formula using an alkali at the fine pore surface of a porous material: