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Disclosed is an electroluminescent element comprising an anode, a cathode and, disposed therebetween, an organic luminescent layer comprising a mixture of a fluorescent luminescent agent, at least one hole moving and donating agent capable of moving holes and donating the same to the luminescent age ...

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Image data obtained by image-capturing by a pet robot is stored in a memory, and any of conditions whether the memory capacity is scarce, a captured image transfer instruction is made, or the battery capacity of the pet robot is scarce is satisfied, the pet robot is controlled to move to the chargin ...

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An improved positioning system for a vehicle is shown. In the system, when radio wave can be received from only one satellite, the current position of the vehicle is computed based on a pair of navigational data, which are brought by radio wave received at the current time and by radio wave received ...

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A receiving apparatus includes a receiving section for receiving image data output from an autonomously traveling robot at a predetermined output position and a storage section for storing the image data received from the robot at the receiving section.

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A thermal conductivity sheet is provided which is superior all in heat radiating characteristics (thermal conductivity) in the direction of sheet thickness, close-contact with respect to parts to be cooled, and electrical insulation. In a thermal conductivity sheet 1 in which a plurality of highly t ...

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An automobile antenna apparatus according to the present invention includes an antenna control section for electronically and variably controlling (beam-steering or beam-scanning) an emitting-beam pattern of each of antennas mounted on an automobile, based on high-precision positional information of ...

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A plasma ignition system for an internal combustion engine which can prevent irregular ignition when the insulation between the electrodes of the spark plug deteriorates due to carbon on the electrodes, and further can prevent electrical noise from being emitted. The system according to the present ...

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An optical radar system for vehicles has a stationary receiver and a transmitter which scans the road surface ahead of the vehicle, the scan area being shifted in accordance with the direction of steering of the vehicle. The scan area is covered by periodically sweeping a narrow-beam pulse laser thr ...

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An obstacle detection system for vehicles comprises a laser radar mounted on the front end of a vehicle and modulated by drive pulses of high rate. The laser pulses are deflected in two orthogonal directions by paired deflection signals fed from a deflection driver to paired acousto-optic light defl ...

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An optical pulse radar for an automotive vehicle of heterodyne detection-type which can detect an object ahead of the vehicle with an improved S/N radio even under the worst detection conditions in which sunlight or a strong headlight beam from a car is directly incident thereupon. The optical pulse ...