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Described herein is a method and an apparatus which permit terminal-carrying ends of wire units to be automatically inserted into a connector housing in a reliable manner almost irrespective of the type and size of the terminal elements to be inserted. This is attained by providing a transfer plate ...

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A known Ti-Ni based and Cu-based shape memory alloy can be replaced by an Fe-based shape memory alloy. An excellent shape memory effect is attained by an Fe-based shape memory alloy with an Mn content of 20% to 40% and an Si content of 3.5% to 8%.

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A method and an apparatus for smoothly and securely inserting a terminal connected to an electric wire into a terminal accommodating chamber within a connector housing from an opening in a notched rear end portion of the housing. The housing has an interior divided by partition walls into a pluralit ...

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The present invention provides a substrate holder for holding and transferring a thin substrate, comprising a substrate support member having a recessed area for placing a thin substrate therein and substrate mount portions formed in the recessed area in the vicinity of a circumferential edge thereo ...

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A curable aqueous coating composition in which dicyandiamide or a salt of guanidine is mixed and dissolved in an aqueous solution of a salt of a copolymer of an acrylic monomer mixture containing an unsaturated carboxylic acid monomer and a hydroxyalkyl acrylate or methacrylate monomer.

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Disclosed is an aqueous coating resin composition to be applied to a metal substrate, particularly an inner surface of a metal can or can closure on which an undercoating layer is formed. This coating composition comprises an aqueous dispersion of a self-emulsifiable resin composition being obtained ...

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Production of boron-containing steel slabs free from surface defects by continuous casting, particularly prevention of the slab surface crackings by cooling the slab with a specific cooling rate through the temperature range from the melting point to 900.degree. C. so as to prevent boron-containing ...

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This invention relates to TiAl based intermetallic compound alloy and process for producing; the object of this invention is to improve high temperature deformability. The alloy comprises basic components: Ti.sub.y AlCr.sub.x, wherein 1%.ltoreq.X.ltoreq.5%, 47.5%.ltoreq.Y.ltoreq.52%, and X+ 2Y.gtore ...

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The present invention provides an apparatus and a method for reducing an electromagnetic noise radiated from an open/close-type panel of an electronic apparatus having the open/close-type panel such as a laptop type personal computer and a portable video tape recorder, which comes in contact with an ...

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A method of automatically inserting terminals with wires into desired terminal accommodating cavities in a connector housing after putting neighboring wires aside, and a wire sweeping arm and a driving device for the sweeping arm. The method includes the steps of: grasping the terminal with wire by ...