Hiroh Kawada, Kiyoshi Goto, Yoshio Kurita: Ink composition for ink jet printing. Konishiroku Photo, Lane Aitken & Ziems, November 27, 1979: US04176361 (69 worldwide citation)

Disclosed is an aqueous ink composition useful for ink jet printing, which comprises 2-12 wt % of a water soluble dye, 35-80 wt % of a polyhydric alcohol having 2-6 carbon atoms.

Kiyoshi Goto, Hiroh Kawada, Noriyasu Kita: Photosensitive compositions. Konishiroku Photo, Jordan B Bierman, Linda Bierman, August 21, 1984: US04467025 (10 worldwide citation)

A photosensitive composition containing an o-naphthoquinonediazido compound of Formula I ##STR1## wherein X is an oxy or amino group, Y is a cyano or nitro group, and n is an integer of 2 to 5, and an organic dye capable of changing its color when the photosensitive composition is exposed.