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A method and apparatus is provided to simulate a system that is modelled by object frames which describe information on the events to be processed by the system, and a root frame that contains information on the conditions and times of the simulation. The first step is to search for an (accidental s ...

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A polyester film having on at least one surface thereof a primer layer comprising a crosslinked product of a polyurethane having at least one functional group selected from a carboxyl group, a sulfo group, a hemisulfate group, and salts of these groups and a polyepoxy compound. The polyester film ha ...

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The object of the invention is to provide a high-quality pharmaceutical preparation in the field of PGE.sub.1 -containing fat emulsions, which is more stable bacteriologically, thermally, and against aging than any preparation hereto fore available.

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A process for producing a slippery biaxially stretched polyester film, which comprises coating one or both surfaces, preferably one surface, of a running polyester film, before the completion of its crystalline orientation, with an aqueous solution or dispersion containing

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A washing machine has a partial washing apparatus, which has a supersonic resonator, which is driven by an oscillator to generate supersonic vibration and a supersonic vibration horn. A washing liquid is fed to the partial washing apparatus so as to be agitated by supersonic waves, which are then fe ...

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In a profiling method constructed so that NC working is performed on the basis of profile locus data obtained by profiling a shape of a model by a profiling machine, a digitized method of the profile locus is characterized in that position data of the model surface, obtained by adding a position of ...

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A water feeding apparatus (300) has an ion eluter (100) and a shower emitter (200). The shower emitter (200) receives water via a coupling pipe (250) from the ion eluter (100), and sprays the water, in the form of a shower, onto laundry. Liquid droplets in the form of a shower are small and easy to ...

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An improved profiling control apparatus controls a profiling machine so that the apparatus judges whether an exact profiling operation is performed by the machine at a place where a surface shape of the model to be profiled is suddenly changed, for example at a step, without jumping of a stylus from ...