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A television signal receiving apparatus which can read program information relevant to a television program from an optical disk medium, interlocked with the television program and can reproduce and display the read program information. Program information (broadcasting information including program ...

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The transaction processing throughput of a system in which a plurality of servers cooperatively perform distributed processing of transactions is improved. The servers (1a, 1b, 1c, . . .) are connected to each other through a communication network (2), and a resources (16) and a log 18 are distribut ...

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The transmission of sample or regular content such as audio data from a server to a single client over a communication network for test-listening or purchase is disclosed. A user may choose a musical selection for test-listening. The sample content may be a selected representative portion extracted ...

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The present invention is directed to a method and apparatus for making sample contents from music contents whereby server and user are connected with each other via a communication network, whereby the server supplies non-sample regular contents including at least performance information of a music ...

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In a system for animating an object along a music, a sequencer module sequentially provides music control information and a synchronization signal in correspondence with the music to be played. A parameter setting module is operable to set motion parameters effective to determine movements of movabl ...

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An electro-optical element comprising a nematic liquid crystal composition and at least one compound represented by the formula: ##SPC1##

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Client is connected to a selected program serving site via a communication network. The program serving site includes a database storing plural types of contents having various different characters and can supply a program file defining a reproducing sequence of a plurality of contents including tho ...

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An electromagnetic wave shield film (1) comprises a transparent base (2), a conductor (4) positioned on the transparent base (2) via an adhesive (3) and having a mesh geometric pattern, and an earth portion (5) arranged around the conductor (4) and including conductive regions (501) which absorb ele ...

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Digitally-compressed audio and image data of a plurality of programs (logical channels) are distributed and superimposed for every horizontal synchronizing signal period together with identification information of each of the programs in place of a luminance signal of an analog video signal of each ...

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A film forming device in a substrate manufacturing apparatus a stage section on which a cassette storing a plurality of glass substrates is mounted. A treatment section for subjecting the substrate to a predetermined treatment is arranged to oppose the stage section. A washing section for washing th ...