Hilpert Reinhold Dr: Biosensor.. Messerschmitt Boelkow Blohm, April 20, 1988: EP0263948-A2 (99 worldwide citation)

The biosensor consists of a biological component which is immobilised on a transducer. Used as biological component for detecting heavy metals is at least one peptide from the group of phytochelatins.

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Micromechanical structure with cavities, containers, openings, channels, recesses, elevations or the like for examinations of sample substances for any changes of physical and/or chemical properties with targeted evaluation and documentation for purposes of biotechnology, genetic engineering, cell r ...

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Method for detecting contamination of a surface by an analyte comprises: (a) wiping the analyte from the surface with a swab so that the analyte is collected on a flat surface of the swab; (b) placing the flat surface of the swab in contact with the intermediate zone of a test strip made of capillar ...

Maly Schreiber Martha Dr, Van Zyl Arnold Dr, Ritter Josef, Hilpert Reinhold Dr: Protective component for an electrochemical accumulator and its manufacturing method. Daimler Benz, September 18, 1996: EP0732707-A2 (2 worldwide citation)

The electrochemical battery Ä9Ü is constructed of a number of single cells Ä8Ü that are positioned side by side in a housing. Each cell has electrodes Ä10, 11Ü that are separated by a protective element Ä2Ü which below a threshold voltage level acts as an insulator and above acts as a conductor. The ...

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An adsorption material for the recovery and enrichment of gas and/or particle traces in an air or gas stream comprises natural and/or synthetic, organic, textile fibres. The fibres are processed into a fleece with a thickness of between 100 mu m and 2 mm and a weight of 20 - 200 g/m.

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A process for obtaining and/or immunologically detecting an analyte present in a gas phase by immunological binding of the analyte to a binding partner of the analyte, which partner is contained in a first carrier matrix which is gas- and liquid-permeable, which is characterised in that a) the analy ...

Maly Schreiber Martha Dr, Van Zyl Arnold Dr, Ritter Josef, Hilpert Reinhold Dr: Process of production of a charge-exchanger body having a high active surface area and use of the charge-exchanger body. Daimler Benz, September 18, 1996: EP0732760-A2

In the mfr of. a charge exchange body such as an electrode or catalyst having an active surface area which is large in comparison to its external surface area, hollow biochemical bodies are formed from a dispersion to produce particles having a mean dia. of less than 1 micron. The internal chambers ...

Maly Schreiber Martha Dr, Zyl Arnold Van Dr, Ritter Josef, Hilpert Reinhold Dr: Electrochemical storage battery protective element and its manufacture. Daimler Benz, November 12, 1996: JP1996-298202

PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a small whole area as much as possible for an individual element battery protected by means of a protective element provided with electrolyte between the two electrodes of an electrochemical storage battery and to manufacture the protective element on the whole area ...