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The invention provides a method and apparatus for identifying gestures (PAN, ZOOM, ROTATE) performed by a user to control an interactive display. The gestures are identified based on a bounding box enclosing the points ((Xl, Yl), (X2, Y2)) at which a user contacts a touch sensor corresponding with t ...

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A clock buffer circuit that generates a local clock signal in response to a system clock signal. The clock buffer circuit includes a buffer circuit for generating the local clock signal in response to an intermediate clock signal. A buffer control circuit generates the intermediate clock signal in r ...


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Au optical antenna assembly including multiple optical anten elements, each of the optical antenna elements are arranged in a regul pattern and carried by a supporting body. The regular pattern of the plurali of optical antenna elements is nonuniform. Certain ones of the optic antenna elements are c ...

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The present invention relates to a processing chip (35) for use in a digital computer system comprising a processing array including a plurality of processing chips, said processing chip including a plurality of processor/memory circuits, each processor/memory circuit including a processor circuit ( ...

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A system for error correction in the reading and writing of data to memory in a multiprocessor environment such as a parallel processor. The data written to and read from memory for each processor (50) is channeled through a single error correcting system (64,80,78) which effectively treats the data ...

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A simple and efficient method for producing an obfuscated speech signal which may be used to mask a stream of speech, is disclosed. A speech signal representing the speech stream to be masked is obtained (110). The speech signal (200) is then temporally partitioned (120) into segments (250), prefera ...

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A method and apparatus for identifying user gesture includes a touch sensor for determining contact information that describes locations at which a user contacts a touch sensitive surface corresponding to a display. The touch sensor provides the contact information to a gesture identification module ...