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A means for collecting and spotting a small amount of blood which comprises a cylinder, a piston, and a puncturing tip, wherein: the piston is inserted airtightly into one end of the cylinder; the puncturing tip is airtightly and exchangeably fitted onto another end of the cylinder; the puncturing t ...

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A dry type chemical analysis slide has a plurality of plate members formed of thermoplastic resin and a mount which holds a detecting element formed by the use of an electrode film and is integrally sandwiched between the plate members. At least one of the plate members is formed by extrusion.

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A cartridge for storing a plurality of stacked chips having an exit for taking out the end dry analytical film chip one by one which are pushed toward the exit, and a flexible engager for inhibiting the discharge of the end chip. The exit and the engager are provided at an end portion of a side wall ...

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An apparatus for cutting a continuously horizontally moving web into desired lengths comprises a first slider crank mechanism 21 for horizontally reciprocating a first slider 71 mounting relatively reciprocable cutting edges 81, 82 disposed below and above the web, a second slider crank mechanism 22 ...

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An improvement of a device for measuring ion activity in a liquid sample comprising at least a pair of ion-selective electrode sheets, liquid-guiding portions for guiding a reference liquid and a liquid sample to each active surface of the pair of ion-selective electrode sheets respectively, and a b ...

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A dry analytical substantially flat film chip for use as an analytical element composed of a support, at least one reagent layer and a spreading layer laminated in this order. The chip is suitable for use as is as an analytical element for liquid samples. The chip further has means for restraining a ...