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An imaging apparatus includes a sight axis detecting unit for detecting a sight axis of an observer, a driving unit for driving an objective lens system on the basis of an area detected by the sight axis detection unit, a display unit for displaying areas of a plurality of objects on the basis of an ...

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An image pickup apparatus is disclosed which is provided with a distortional-aberration memorizing element for memorizing distortional-aberration information about an objective lens, a state-of-objective-lens detecting circuit for detecting a state of the objective lens, an image correcting circuit ...

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This invention relates to a polarizing beam splitter and an illuminating device having the polarizing beam splitter. The polarizing beam splitter of this invention comprises a transparent flat plate and films of a dielectric material provided on the opposite surfaces of the plate.

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A region data editing apparatus includes a contour deforming section for receiving a contour deforming operation in which a contour of a region in a three-dimensional image is deformed, a boundary surface deforming section for deforming a boundary surface ∂D between inside and outside of region D in ...

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The disclosed apparatus includes a finder optical system with a liquid crystal display having a plurality of strips of transparent conductive material arranged to display a frame for photography and a light metering area in the field of view of the finder. The liquid crystal display is energized in ...

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A projection apparatus in which in order that an original image, which is compressed in a horizontal direction, may be projected onto a screen at a predetermined location by a master lens, the original image is disposed with the center thereof deviated relative to the optical axis of the master lens ...

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The present invention relates to a method and a system for detecting the sharpness of the object image by detecting the amount of the component of a certain specified frequency, whereby the object image formed by means of an image forming optical system is detected by an image sensitive element cons ...

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A camera having an objective and visual or automatic focusing means for the objective. For assistance in bringing into sharpest focus an image of an object formed by the objective at the focal plane of the camera, there is provided a sharp focus detecting apparatus constructed in the form of an atta ...

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A range finding device of a construction, in which, at the time of receiving first and second images of an object to be formed by a range finding optical system with a relative positional parallax corresponding to the object distance into first and second photoelectric light receiving elements, resp ...

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A range finder system to detect distance to an object by irradiating radiation toward an object, a distance to which is to be detected based on the principle of a base line range finder and receiving radiation being reflected by said object. It is particularly characterized by that a distance to an ...