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A catalyst component, which is to be combined with an organoaluminum component to form a Ziegler catalyst for olefin polymerization, is produced by treating (1) a solid composition resulting from a process of combining a magnesium halide such as magnesium chloride, an electron donor compound such as ...

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An olefin is polymerized by using a catalyst consisting essentially of (A) a solid catalyst component containing a magnesium halide and a titanium chloride, (B) an organic aluminum compound, and (C) an ether compound represented by the formula: R.sup.1 R.sup.2 R.sup.3 C(OR.sup.4), R.sup.1 R.sup.2 C( ...

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The object of the present invention is to provide a thermoreversible recording medium which possesses not only such an excellent property that the electrostatic charge on the thermoreversible recording medium can be prevented and the curling of the thermoreversible recording medium caused by repeati ...

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A process for producing an olefin copolymer rubber containing 25 to 75% by weight of propylene, which comprises polymerizing ethylene and propylene, or ethylene, propylene and at least one nonconjugated diene, in solution in the presence of a catalyst, said catalyst being composed of (A) a Ti-contai ...

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A solid catalyst component for forming, in combination with an organoaluminium compound, a catalyst for polymerization of .alpha.-olefins is provided, whereby .alpha.-olefin polymers having high stereoregularity or stereospecificity are produced in a high yield. The catalyst component is a product o ...

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A welding wire which can form a weld metal having excellent high-temperature creep strength, toughness and welding property when used in the inert gas arc welding of a high Cr ferritic heat resisting steel, such as 9 to 12% Cr-based steel used in various generator boilers, chemical pressure vessels ...

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A highly crystalline polypropylene for forming film which is obtained by subjecting to the molecular weight degradation a propylene homopolymer obtained by the polymerization of propylene over a stereoregulating catalyst and which has:

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The present invention provides a photosensitive lithographic printing plate with a long press life, high sensitivity, and excellent storage stability, and a photosensitive composition for a lithographic printing plate for producing such a photosensitive lithographic printing plate. The photosensitiv ...

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Provided is a double metal cyanide complex catalyst with a high activity which is readily produced on an industrial scale. The double metal cyanide complex catalyst is of a fine particle form and contains t-butyl alcohol or, t-butyl alcohol and another organic compound as an organic ligand. The cata ...

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