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An apparatus for automatically performing a sandwich-type enzyme immunoassay. The apparatus includes a rack for holding test tubes. In the test tubes are beads which provide surfaces for the immuochemical reactions. The rack can be moved in lengthwise and transverse directions. Nozzles for supplying ...


Yoshihito Narita, Hideho Hisada, Motoichi Ohtsu: Rangefinder. Jasco Corporation, Ronald R Snider, Elizabeth J Pawlak, August 30, 2001: US20010017696-A1

Abstract of Disclosure A rangefinder 10 comprises a light source 12 for emitting a luminous flux L1 having a predetermined beam diameter; interfering means 14 which is an object having an optical axis substantially perpendicular to a direction in which the object to be measured can be dislocated, th ...

Yoshihito Narita, Hideho Hisada, Tatsuya Miyajima, Osamu Saito, Shinichiro Watanabe, Shinya Saito, Koji Akutsu, Susumu Teruyama, Motoichi Ohtsu: Probe microscope. Jasco Corporation, Ronald RSnider, Elizabeth J Pawlak, August 30, 2001: US20010017054-A1

Abstract of Disclosure In a probe microscope 120 for causing a sample 112 and a tip portion 118a of a probe 118 on the sample side to approach each other, detecting an interaction between the sample 112 and the sample-side probe tip portion 118a, and obtaining surface information of the sample 112 f ...