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A set of thermal ink-jet inks and method for formulating the same are provided in which the cyan, magenta, and yellow inks contain a combination of surfactants and inorganic salts designed to reduce both color to color bleed as well as black to color bleed. In general, the present cyan, magenta, and ...

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An ink-jet ink composition is provided which includes at least one primary surfactant and at least one co-surfactant, with the co-surfactant having an HLB at least about 1.5 units higher than that of the primary surfactant. The co-surfactant imparts good wetting and cloud point characteristics to th ...

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A specific dye set is provided for use with thermal ink-jet color printers, such as Hewlett-Packard Company's DeskJet.RTM. printer. The dye set comprises Direct Blue 199 and Acid Blue 9 (cyan), Reactive Red 180 and Acid Red 52 (magenta), and Acid Yellow 23 (yellow), of which Direct Blue 199 is treat ...

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Paper cockle, which results from printing inks having a high water content, is reduced in thermal ink-jet inks by adding abut 15 to 50 wt % of an anti-cockle agent comprising a compound selected from the group consisting of hexaethylene glycol and an organic compound having from four to eight carbon ...

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A process is provided for reducing the crusting propensity of dyes, complexed with sodium or other cations, used in ink-jet print heads and for improving other properties of such dyes. The process comprises replacing at least a portion of the cations on such dyes with preselected cations, such as th ...

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Color bleed on paper media printed by ink-jet is alleviated by altering the dyes such that they become more bleed resistant. To this end, an organic compound with surfactant properties is substituted as the dye counter-ion. Specifically, a dye having one or more sulfonate or carboxylate groups is pr ...

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In accordance with the invention a set of dyes suitable for use in ink-jet inks and method for formulating the same are provided. The yellow ink of the present invention contains a yellow colorant having a CIELAB hue angle, h.degree., less than 90.degree. to provide a true representation of colors, ...

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An ink-jet ink composition for ink-jet printing and a method using the same is disclosed, the ink composition comprising an aqueous liquid vehicle, at least one zwitterionic surfactant; and at least one amphiphilic dye, said at least one amphiphilic dye comprising a plurality of amphiphilic dye mole ...

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Thermal ink-jet inks are provided containing a colorant and a vehicle, the vehicle comprising from about 8 to about 20 wt % of a 1,2-diol, from about 0.1 to about 5 wt % of at least one non-ionic surfactant, and optionally 0 to about 5 wt. % of a aliphatic alcohol; 0 to about 1.5 wt % of at least on ...

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An aqueous inkjet ink and an ink set using such ink, the ink comprising as colorant, a Copper Phthalocyanine (CuPc) dye compound having formula II: