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An add-drop optical spectrum-division multiplexer for dropping a drop multiplex from an incoming multiplex signal and for adding an add multiplex into an outgoing multiplex signal. The multiplexer includes a demultiplexing device for separating a number of optical carriers from the incoming multiple ...

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An erbium-doped fiber laser amplifier (1), characterized by the fact that said fiber (3) is doped to a concentration lying in the range 5 ppm to 50 ppm, that the length of said fiber lies in the range 250 m to 30 m depending on the selected concentration of doping, and that the radial position of th ...

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An optical fiber temperature sensor including an optical fiber (1) which has a mirror (3) at its end, and which is associated with temperature-sensitive means, means for launching a signal into said fiber and means for receiving the signal reflected by said mirror back along the fiber, said temperat ...

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The invention relates to a method and to apparatus for remotely measuring the distribution of a physico-chemical parameter in a medium. The method consists in exciting measurement points (20) situated in a medium (17) in succession via an optical fiber (18), with each point (20) being excited by two ...

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An optical amplifier in the 1.26 .mu.m to 1.34 .mu.m spectrum range, comprising a solid substrate of fluoride glass doped with praseodymium in which a three-dimensional monomode waveguide is formed having an index difference .DELTA.n relative to the index of the fluoride glass lying in the range 4.t ...

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An erbium-doped fiber optical amplifier, characterized in that said fiber has a mode radius which is not greater than 2.7 .mu.m at a wavelength of 1.55 .mu.m, and in that it has at least one pump wavelength situated in the following regions of the spectrum: 0.98 .mu.m.+-.0.4 .mu.m and 1.48 .mu.m.+-. ...

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An amplifier having an amplifying optical fiber, the amplifier including means for reducing the optical noise due to amplified spontaneous emission, said means being inserted in the length of the amplifying optical fiber, wherein said means comprise an optical isolator.

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An optical fiber for frequency conversion, has an annular index profile structure for obtaining zero order phase matching and optimum overlap between the fibers's resonant propagation modes, one propagating the wave w and the other the wave kw where 2.ltoreq.k.ltoreq.4 for at least one wavelength ly ...

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The equaliser includes a device (C) for guiding part of an input optical signal (s) consisting of signals at different wavelengths which are passed to an amplifier (A). Amplified signals pass to selective wavelength reflectors (R), with each reflecting at a different wavelength. Each reflector is po ...

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The method for treating signals obtained by reflectometry is of the type consisting in generating at least one optical input pulse at one end of an optical fibre including at least one obstacle and in evaluating the electrical return signal at the output of an optoelectronic transducer. This evaluat ...