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The sensitive display device of the invention comprises a scanned screen in front of which is situated a plate of transparent material; a detector being coupled with the edge of this plate and a specific position on this plate being determined by contact of a diffusing object, such as a finger. The ...

Herve Arditty, Philippe Graindorge: Device for heating an annular surface zone of a threadlike object. Thomson-CSF, Oblon Fisher Spivak McClelland & Maier, October 15, 1985: US04547650 (38 worldwide citation)

A heating device including a carbon dioxide laser beam directed towards a spherical mirror and then directed from an ellipsoidal mirror so as to concentrate the energy of said laser on a surface ring of a threadlike object.

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The device for measuring a nonreciprocal phase shift involves phase modulation of countercirculating waves in a closed-loop interferometer by means of a reciprocal-effect phase modulator. The modulating signal is a periodic signal having a period 2t.sub.o, where t.sub.o is the transit time of an ele ...

Claude Puech, Herve Arditty, Michel Papuchon: Interferometric optical fiber electric current measuring device. Thomson-CSF, Oblon Fisher Spivak McClelland & Maier, January 25, 1983: US04370612 (29 worldwide citation)

The current-measuring device in accordance with the invention comprises an optical fiber wound around the conductor in which flows the current to be measured, a laser source, means for separating the radiation emitted by the source towards the two ends of the wound fiber, and for recombining the rad ...

Herve Arditty, Francois Xavier Desforges, Luc Jeunhomme: Optical fiber sensor. Photonetics, Felfe & Lynch, September 13, 1988: US04770047 (24 worldwide citation)

In an optical fiber sensor, the fiber has a sensitive zone which cooperates with a retroreflecting surface through the agency of an optical couplant. The function of the retroreflecting surface is to return into the optical fiber all light losses which escape from the fiber in the sensitive zone.

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A method of coiling an optical fiber gyroscope and an optical fiber coil thus obtained, which method consists in coiling, on a cylindrical support comprising a central channel, a first layer for forming a helical optical fiber winding with constant pitch, passing the optical fiber through the centra ...

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The invention relates to a process and device for measuring the optical core - mechanical sheath concentricity and the optical core ellipticity of an optical fibre. The process consists of injecting a light beam into a fibre, which has been previously bared at one of its ends. The analysis of the ne ...

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A directional coupling device for single multi-mode optical fibers which are disposed coaxially in a transparent body of the coupling device, a suitable space filled with an immersion medium being formed between the end faces of the two fibers; means for introducing light rays and photo-sensitive me ...

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A ring interferometer device is provided comprising monomode optical fiber, a radiation separator and a mode filter coupled optically to a coherent light source. In a first approach, this source is a semiconductor diode of the type operating alternately as light emitter and receiver depending on the ...

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The invention relates to ring interferometers. It aims at making strictly reciprocal a ring interferometer of any known structure, by means of a mode filter which allow a particular mode to be selected among all the modes likely to be propagated in the loop and to arrive at the detection device; thi ...