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The heat exchanger (1), provided in particular as a refrigerant condenser, is described which consists of a multiplicity of flat tubes (2) extending in parallel and corrugated ribs (3) arranged therebetween. The ends of the flat tubes are connected in corresponding openings in the floor (6) of a con ...

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The use of calcined hydrotalcites as catalysts for ethoxylation or propoxylation of compounds having active hydrogen atoms results in a narrow bandwidth of the distribution of homologues among the ethoxylated and propoxylated products.

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The intention is, with a device (1) for generating electrical and heating energy having a heating boiler (2) with a combustion chamber (5) and a burner (3) associated with the combustion chamber and with a Stirling engine (4) projecting with its hot top into the combustion chamber and having an asso ...

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Als Entschäumer werden Fettsäureester von Polyglycerinpolyglykolethern verwendet, die man dadurch erhält, dass man Polyglycerine in an sich bekannter Weise mit Ethylenoxid und Propylenoxid umsetzt und das erhaltene Alkylenoxidanlagerungsprodukt mit Fettsäuren verestert, wobei man 2 bis 15 Mol Ethyle ...

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A method of synthesizing L-serine from glycine and formaldehyde in the presence of biocatalytic amounts of serine hydroxymethyltransferase and tetrahydrofolate is disclosed. The serine hydroxymethyl- transferase may be amplified by cloning the gene therefor into a plasmid, and transforming a host ce ...

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A device for receiving heating and/or ventilation elements is to fulfil, with only one element or by joining together a plurality of such elements, locally and temporally different requirements with regard to combined floor heating, air heating, air transport, heat and sound absorption, solar absorp ...

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(EN) The invention relates to a radiotherapy assembly comprising a particle emitter (2) with an exit window (4) for a fixed particle stream (6) and a patient support device (16) comprising a patient couch (18A,18B), which can be brought into an irradiation position that is suitable for irradiating a ...

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1. A process for the removal of ethylene oxide and/or propylene oxide and, optionally, dioxane from surface-active derivatives - prepared by ethoxylation and/or propoxylation - of organic compounds containing at least one active hydrogen atom, characterized in that the surface-active derivatives are ...

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Block polymers usable as defoamers have the following formula in which R represents a glycerol or polyglycerol function having a degree of polymerization x of from 1 to 6 and the indices y is equal to (x-z+2), z is equal to (x-y+2), a is equal to 1 to 15, b is equal to 50 to 200 c is equal to 1 to 1 ...

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Heat exchangers having a multiplicity of flat tubes (11) extending in parallel and corrugated ribs (12) arranged between the flat tubes (11) are known, the ends of the flat tubes projecting into corresponding openings in connection boxes (15). The latter have long tight welds. It is therefore propos ...