Herbert Krug, Rudiger Nass, Helmut Schmidt, Lubomir Spanhel: Optical elements containing nanoscaled particles and having an embossed surface and process for their preparation. Institut Fur Neue Materialien Gemeinnutzige, Oblon Spivak McClelland Maier & Neustadt P C, February 10, 1998: US05716679 (61 worldwide citation)

Optical elements comprising a substrate and a transparent composite material layer having an embossed surface, the composite material comprising a polymer matrix having incorporated therein inorganic components in the form of nanoscaled particles, and methods of preparation thereof which comprise mi ...

Helmut Schmidt, Herbert Krug, Peter W Oliveira, Stefan Sepeur: Optical components with a graded-index structure, and method of manufacturing such components. Institut für Neue Materialien gemeinnützige, Heller Erhman White & McAuliffe, May 22, 2001: US06236493 (51 worldwide citation)

Optical components have a material-distribution gradient due to nanometer-size particles embedded in a solid matrix. The components are manufactured by forming a dispersion of nanometer-size particles in a liquid, curable matrix material, causing the particles to migrate in the matrix material on th ...

Helmut Schmidt, Martin Mennig, Herbert Krug: Method of producing structured inorganic layers. Institut fur Neue Materialien Gemeinnutzige, Oblon Spivak McClelland Maier & Neustadt P C, June 16, 1998: US05766680 (50 worldwide citation)

Structured inorganic layers are produced by optionally mixing a composition which is obtainable by hydrolysis and polycondensation of

Peter Bier, Herbert Krug, Stefan Sepeur, Sabine Stein: Coating compounds based on silanes containing epoxide groups. Bayer Aktiengesellschaft, Institut fur Neue Materilien gem, Joseph C Gil, Thomas W Roy, March 26, 2002: US06361868 (24 worldwide citation)

The present invention provides a coating composition which comprises at least one silicon compound (A) which has at least one radical which is bonded directly to Si, is not able to be separated hydrolytically and contains an epoxy group, a particulate material (B) which is selected from among oxides ...

Helmut Schmidt, Herbert Krug, Norbert Merl, Anke Moses, Patrick Judeinstein, Anette Berni: Electrochromic thin-film systems and components thereof. Institut fuer Neue Materialien Gemeinnuetzige, Oblon Spivak McClelland Maier & Neustadt P C, December 21, 1999: US06005705 (20 worldwide citation)

A description is given of electrochromic thin-film systems and their components, especially an improved electrochromic thin-film based on tungsten oxide and/or molybdenum oxide into which alkali metal ions are incorporated, an electrolyte which is improved in particular with respect to its conductiv ...

Toni Dockner, Manfred Sauerwald, Herbert Krug, Matthias Irgang: Reductive dehalogenation of organic halogen compounds. BASF Aktiengesellschaft, John H Shurtleff, July 24, 1990: US04943671 (10 worldwide citation)

Organic halogen compounds in which one or more halogen atoms are covalently bonded to the carbon are subjected to reductive dehalogenation by reaction with a hydrocarbon in the presence of carbon at elevated temperatures with formation of a hydrogen halide, by a process in which the dehalogenation i ...

Rolf Platz, Toni Dockner, Jurgen Heners, Herbert Krug: Manufacture of carboxylic acid amides. BASF Aktiengesellschaft, Keil & Witherspoon, November 27, 1979: US04176137 (7 worldwide citation)

A process for the manufacture of carboxylic acid amides by addition reaction of water with nitriles in the presence of a catalyst which contains copper and magnesium silicate and has been treated with a reducing gas, to which catalyst cement of a certain particle size has been admixed. The amides ob ...

Herbert Krug, Detlef Brüggemann, Willy Gerd Fischer: Stress test rig for helicopter transmissions. ZF Luftfahrttechnik, Davis & Bujold P L L C, May 28, 2002: US06393904 (6 worldwide citation)

The inventive stress test rig for helicopter transmission comprises a first test rig transmission (

Toni Dockner, Herbert Krug: Continuous production of N-alkylarylamines. BASF Aktiengesellschaft, Johnston Neil Thompson & Shurtleff, May 18, 1976: US03957874 (6 worldwide citation)

An improved process for the continuous production of N-alkylarylamines by reaction of arylamines with alkanols and/or dialkyl ethers in the gas phase at a temperature of from 180.degree. to 450.degree.C in the presence of carrier substances which contain an oxyacid of phosphorus. The improvement con ...

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