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The present invention relates to the use of compounds of formula (I) for the treatment of sexual dysfunction and to compositions containing compounds of formula (I) for the treatment of sexual dysfunction.





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Compounds of the present invention are useful for inhibiting protein tyrosine kinases. Also disclosed are methods of making the compounds, compositions containing the compounds, and methods of treatment using the compounds.


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Compounds of formula (I) where X1, C1, and D1 are defined herein, are inhibitors of polo-like kinases. The compounds of formula (I) are useful for treatment of diseases of cellular proliferation, such as, for example, cancer.


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Methods and compositions for inhibiting at least one isoform of nitric oxide synthase are provided. Pharmaceutical compositions include derivatives of arginine as well as dipeptides and dipeptide analogs that contain nitroarginine or another unnatural amino acid. Compositions can be used to selectiv ...