Henry Goldstein, David F Shannon, Richard W Bolling, Eric Rustici: Document generation apparatus and methods. Wang Laboratories, Michael H Shanahan, Scott K Peterson, August 27, 1991: US05043891 (87 worldwide citation)

A document generation system which employs a definition-based expert system and an editor to produce an output document from a template document and expert system responses. The knowledge base of the expert system consists of a hierarchy of terms and their definitions. To produce an expert response, ...

John M Cowles, Henry Goldstein, Etzer Chicoye, Patrick L Ting: Preparation of tetrahydroisohumulones. Miller Brewing Company, Quarles & Brady, February 17, 1987: US04644084 (55 worldwide citation)

Tetrahydroisohumulones are prepared from beta-acids without using objectionable organic solvents by treating the beta-acids to form desoxytetrahydrohumulones which are dissolved in an aqueous alcoholic caustic solution and then oxidized and isomerized with an oxygen-containing gas in the presence of ...

Henry Goldstein, Patrick L Ting, Etzer Chicove, Gary Goetzke, John M Cowles: Light stable hop extracts and method of preparation. Miller Brewing Company, Quarles & Brady, August 30, 1988: US04767640 (49 worldwide citation)

A method of preparing anactinic hop extracts comprising three stages: pre-purification of a liquid CO.sub.2 hop extract using liquid-liquid extraction to isolate pure humulones or alpha acids; isomerization/reduction of the humulones to obtain a mixture consisting of reduced isohumulones and non-iso ...

Patrick L Ting, Jay R Refling, Henry Goldstein: Hydrogenation of hop soft resins using CO.sub.2. Miller Brewing Company, Quarles & Brady, February 1, 2000: US06020019 (44 worldwide citation)

Carbon dioxide is used as a reaction solvent in the hydrogenation of organic compounds. The carbon dioxide is preferably a liquid or a supercritical fluid. The hydrogenation method can be used advantageously in methods for making tetrahydroiso-alpha-acids from alpha-acids, iso-alpha-acids, or beta-a ...

John M Cowles, Henry Goldstein, Etzer Chicoye, Patrick L Ting: Process for separation of beta-acids from extract containing alpha-acids and beta-acids. Miller Brewing Company, Quarles & Brady, May 20, 1986: US04590296 (28 worldwide citation)

Beta-acids are separated from alpha-acids in a hop extract without using organic solvents by bubbling CO.sub.2 through an aqueous hop extract having a pH of about 9.6 to about 13 to lower the pH to about 8.5 to about 9.5 to precipitate the beta-acids and leave the alpha-acids in the extract.

Henry Goldstein, Charles L Cronan, Etzer Chicoye: Preparation of low alcohol beverages by reverse osmosis. Miller Brewing Company, Quarles & Brady, September 16, 1986: US04612196 (22 worldwide citation)

A traditional flavored fermented alcoholic beverage of low alcohol content is prepared by reverse osmosis with a thin layer composite membrane which has a support layer of polysulfone, a barrier layer of polymer prepared from a polyamine and a polyacyl, and a fiber backing. The membrane has a molecu ...

Henry Goldstein, Walter Fly, Patrick Ting, Etzer Chicoye: Hop extracts and method of preparation. Miller Brewing Company, Quarles & Brady, April 13, 1982: US04324810 (18 worldwide citation)

Hop extracts useful in the preparation of anactinic or light stable malt beverages are obtained by a method which does not use organic solvents. The extracts are obtained by first treating a crude hop extract containing humulone with an aqueous reducing solution, heating the resulting mixture to for ...

Henry Goldstein, Joseph T Hoff, Charles L Cronan, Ch S Rao: Process for the preparation of a stable citrus flavored malt beverage. Miller Brewing Company, Quarles & Brady, April 3, 1984: US04440795 (15 worldwide citation)

A method of preparing a stable citrus flavored alcoholic malt beverage which does not form off aromas on storage comprises subjecting a feed or beer which contains components which can in the presence of citrus flavoring agents cause off aromas upon storage to reverse osmosis employing a membrane ha ...

Lance T Lusk, Henry Goldstein: Protein purification method. Miller Brewing Company, Quarles & Brady, January 11, 1994: US05278284 (13 worldwide citation)

A method of removing a valuable protein from a complex solution and recovering the valuable protein in purified form consists of adding a silica gel sorbant having a pore size approximately the molecular size of the protein to a solution containing the protein, allowing the protein to be sorbed onto ...

Patrick L Ting, Michael A VanSanford, Jay R Refling, Henry Goldstein: Preparation of tetrahydroiso-.alpha.-acids by the hydrogenation of the metal salts of iso-.alpha.-acids. Miller Brewing Company, Quarles & Brady, June 16, 1998: US05767319 (13 worldwide citation)

Tetrahydroiso-.alpha.-acids are prepared from iso-.alpha.-acids metal salts by hydrogenating the salts in a reaction solvent of a lower alkanol containing about 5% to about 20% w/w water and in the presence of up to about 5-50 psig hydrogen and a hydrogenation catalyst at about 30.degree.-50.degree. ...

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