Henry Bauer: Fabric softener and dispenser. John Levey, William H Pavitt Jr, April 6, 1976: US03947971 (49 worldwide citation)

A combination including a packet having a space therein containing a tablet formed of a solid fabric softener composition which is partially water soluble. The packet is formed from a pair of flexible porous open-celled sheets which are joined together in face-to-face relation. A flexible opening fo ...

Henry Bauer: Liquid laundry washing-aid. Days Ease Home Products Corporation, William H Pavitt Jr, May 11, 1976: US03956198 (31 worldwide citation)

A washing-aid composition suitable for removal of stains and soil from delicate fabrics which are deleteriously affected by alkaline pH conditions which contains a phosphate ester surfactant, an alkali metal salt of an aminopolyacetic acid in an amount sufficient to essentially neutralize the surfac ...

Fred Henry Bauer, Ted Alan Bookwalter, Edmund James Stuber: Fiber optic micro cable. Alcatel Submarine Networks, Ware Fressola Van Der Sluys & Adolphson, September 30, 1997: US05673352 (27 worldwide citation)

A fiber optic micro cable (10) includes a jacket (14) applied over a core (12) structure. The core (12) includes at least one optical fiber (20) positioned between longitudinally extending structural strength members (17), the strength members and the optical fibers being embedded in a buffer materi ...

Arthur Henry Bauer, Alan Zachary Ullman: Wavelength selective laser system and associated method. The Boeing Company, Alston & Bird, April 2, 2002: US06366594 (7 worldwide citation)

A wavelength selective laser system and associated method are provided that produce laser beams having wavelengths that are only slightly different, but that permit a composite return signal to be selectively processed in accordance with the wavelengths of the signals that comprise the composite ret ...




Lee Henry Bauer: Vehicle infotainment system with personalized contents, to offer assembled contents to a user. Harman International Industries Incorporated, July 3, 2008: KR1020070140048

PURPOSE: A vehicle infotainment system with personalized contents is provided to simplify management and selection of contents in order to prevent distraction of the driver due to complex control. CONSTITUTION: A vehicle infotainment system includes a storage device(703) which stores identification ...