Henricus Gerardus Maria Reijmer, Adi Shefer: Process for forming solid phase controllably releasable fragrance-containing consumable articles. International Flavors and Fragrances, Arthur L Liberman, March 13, 2001: US06200949 (78 worldwide citation)

Described is a process for forming controllably releasable fragrance-containing consumable articles, for example, encapsulated fragrances in detergents or fabric softener articles and compositions. The process includes the steps of:

Richard M Boden, William L Schreiber, Freddy Tabak, Henricus Gerardus Maria Reijmer: Cyclic trimers of aldehydes, organoletpic uses thereof and process for preparing same. International Flavors & Frangrances, Arthur L Liberman, December 26, 2000: US06165452 (9 worldwide citation)

Described are novel aldehyde cyclic trimers which are useful for controllably releasing fragrance composition components into the environment surrounding the location of said trimers. The trimers are particularly useful in effecting malodor elimination from solid or semisolid surfaces, e.g., the hum ...

Henricus Gerardus Maria Reijmer, Stephanus Cornelis Maria Otte, Volkert Willem Alexander de Villeneuve, Elizabeth Geertruida Maria Brundel: Multi-capsule compositions. INTERNATIONAL FLAVORS & FRAGRANCES, Martin Zhang, XuFan Tseng, Elizabeth M Stover, September 26, 2017: US09770608

A capsule delivery system. The system has a first capsule containing a first capsule wall encapsulating a first active material and a second capsule containing a second capsule wall encapsulating a second active material. The first and second capsules differ in their wall materials, amounts of wall ...