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A process for producing a composite, containing at least one shrinkage-matched ceramic layer, wherein a starting material for the ceramic layer(s) has shrinkage behavior on sintering which is matched to remaining layer(s), and which is selected such that the ceramic-forming constituent of the same c ...

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Apparatus for controlling a fluid flow includes a housing having a first fitting for connection of a tube and at least one further fitting for detachable securement of a coupling piece of a peritoneal catheter. Accommodated in the housing is a rotary valve which is indexable in predetermined positio ...

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Nanoscale corundum powders are obtained by first producing an Al2O3 precursor by adding seed crystals to an aqueous solution of an aluminium compound and adding a base and then converting the Al2O3 precursor into corundum by calcination at a high temperature. Before the calcination, the salts that a ...

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Optical elements comprising a substrate and a transparent composite material layer having an embossed surface, the composite material comprising a polymer matrix having incorporated therein inorganic components in the form of nanoscaled particles, and methods of preparation thereof which comprise mi ...

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A coating composition is disclosed based on polycondensates of hydrolyzable compounds in particular of Si, Al, Ti and/or Zr, whereas at least part of the non-hydrolyzable groups linked to these elements contain in average 2 to 30 fluorine atoms linked to aliphatic carbon atoms. A process for produci ...

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A composite material is described which is characterized by a substrate and by a nanocomposite which is in functional contact with the substrate and is obtainable by surface modification of

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Optical components have a material-distribution gradient due to nanometer-size particles embedded in a solid matrix. The components are manufactured by forming a dispersion of nanometer-size particles in a liquid, curable matrix material, causing the particles to migrate in the matrix material on th ...

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Structured inorganic layers are produced by optionally mixing a composition which is obtainable by hydrolysis and polycondensation of