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A process for producing components having a contact structure provides for vertical contact-making, in which, for the connection of a metal contact of a first component to a metal contact of a second component, the substrate is etched out, starting from the top, in a region provided for a vertical, ...

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An element that prevents the formation of a channel is arranged in a level of the channel region (Kaa) at one of two opposite sidewalls of a semiconductor structure that has a source/drain region (S/D

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A component having a movable micromechanical function element arranged in a cavity having a cover layer supported by webs or pillar-like supports is provided. The movable element is potentially covered with a termination layer for closing the etching holes present in the cover layer. Electrical term ...

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An acceleration sensor has a proof mass attached by resilient elements, in the form of micromechanical components, in a monocrystalline silicon layer of an SOI (silicon-on-insulator) substrate, the insulator layer of the substrate being removed under the structure which is susceptible to acceleratio ...

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To produce a three-dimensional circuit arrangement, a first substrate (1) is thinned, stacked onto a second substrate (2) and fixedly connected to the latter. The first substrate (1) and the second substrate (2) in this case each comprise circuit structures (12, 22) and metallization planes (13, 23) ...

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A grid-like arrangement of membranes of doped polysilicon are mounted on a substrate but are electrically insulated therefrom each membrane extends over a cavity and is joined to the substrate at at least two supporting locations so that they cavity lies between the membrane and the substrate. Chang ...

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A semiconductor memory cell, in accordance with the present invention includes a deep trench formed in a substrate. The deep trench includes a storage node in a lower portion of the deep trench, and a gate conductor formed in an upper portion of the deep trench. The gate conductor is electrically is ...

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A terminal metallization (8) is applied onto and structured on a layer structure on the upper side of the component, the terminal metallization is applied on the upper side of an insulating layer (7) with an opening on a metallization (6) provided for electrical connection. By filling a hole produce ...

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An acceleration sensor is produced on a silicon substrate by etching to leave a cantilevered beam of polysilicon with a tip on the substrate projecting toward this beam. Acceleration of the sensor causes the beam to bend, thereby changing the spacing between the tip and the beam, and thereby also ch ...

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A bipolar transistor with a collector, a base and an emitter disposed in vertical succession includes a semiconductor substrate, insulating oxide zones disposed in the substrate for separating adjacent transistors, and a buried collector terminal layer at least partly disposed on the insulating oxid ...