Helmrich William F: Aerating fuel nozzle. Ex Cell O Corporation, August 15, 1972: US3684186 (99 worldwide citation)

An aerating fuel nozzle for a gas turbine engine combustion chamber. The nozzle has an annular fuel swirl chamber from which the fuel issues in a spray cone, blending with inner and outer layers of swirling air. Air from the engine compressor is mixed with the fuel to obtain a high degree of air-fue ...

Halvorsen Robert M, Helmrich William F: Dispositif a surface variable pour circuits dair densembles dajutages a combustible du type a air souffle. Ex Cell O, June 4, 1982: FR2495285-A1

Des passages 28, 30 amènent du combustible dans un ajutage 14. De l'air sous pression arrive par une ouverture 10. Des moyens 32, 100, 102 de dosage d'air à surface variable répondent à la pression du combustible de manière à régler le débit de l'air. Le mélange air-combustible est enflammé par une ...

Helmrich William F, Halvorsen Robert M: Adduction dair variable pour moteurs a combustion, Variable area means for air systems of air blast type fuel nozzle assemblies. Ex Cell O Corporation, MACRAE & CO, June 4, 1985: CA1188111

ABSTRACT A variable area air system means for air blast typefuel nozzles for use in gas turbine engines wherein fuel/air ratios are controlled for the purpose of controllingengine emission products to meet mandated emission stan-dards over a wide range of engine operating conditions.The variable are ...

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