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A radiation therapy unit with a beam of rays propagating from a focal point along a beam axis comprises a radiator head arranged on the beam axis with a double-focus multi-leaf collimator. The multi-leaf collimator exhibits a plurality of adjacently arranged diaphragm plates which in each case have ...

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An arrangement for ejecting objects from a projectile, includes a hollow projectile body having a nose end with a plurality of objects disposed in a column within the projectile body. An ejection charge is disposed within the projectile body at the nose end. An ejection device including a hood enclo ...

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A metering apparatus for introducing free-flowing, powdered substances in a controlled manner into spaces under pressure consists of a storing unit,

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Ethylene is polymerized using a Ziegler catalyst system consisting of (1) a titanium catalyst component and (2) an aluminum catalyst component, the component (1) used being the product (VI) which is obtained by a method in which (1.1) first (1.1.1) a carrier (I) and (1.1.2) a solution (II) of (IIa) ...

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A deceleration element is provided for attachment to a tail end of a submunition unit for deployment when the submunition unit is ejected from a spin stabilized carrier projectile for reducing velocity and spin of the submunition unit. The deceleration element includes two approximately circular, ai ...

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A deceleration device for a submunition unit includes a cartridge releasably attached to the submunition unit. A releasable package including at least one pocket is disposed in the cartridge and is connected to the cartridge by a packaging line. An auxiliary parachute and a rotation parachute are di ...

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Ethylene/.alpha.-olefin copolymers are prepared by catalytic dry-phase copolymerization of the monomers in a stirred or fluidized polymerization zone, transfer of the resulting mixture of solid copolymer and unconverted gaseous monomer into a let-down zone and separation of the mixture, after pressu ...

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The invention relates to a process for preparing a catalyst for the polymerization of olefins, which comprises: a) preparation of a finely divided silica xerogel, b) loading of the xerogel with chromium from a solution of chromium trioxide or a chromium compound which is converted into chromium trio ...

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An electric cable contains a cable insulation having high resistance to the formation or growth of water trees and having high aging resistance and good processibility and consisting of an ethylene polymer and from 0.5 to 40% by weight of an ethylene copolymer ionomer which contains, in addition to ...

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In an electric high voltage cable of 1-500 kV, the cable insulation is resistant to the formulation or the growth of water trees and consists of from 70 to 99 parts by weight of an ethylene polymer (I) and from 1 to 30 parts by weight of an ethylene copolymer (II) which is composed of from 80 to 92% ...