Heinrich Wilhelm: Separator panel holder for display shelves. Lindsley Warren F B, February 25, 1975: US3868021 (128 worldwide citation)

An improved panel support for use in partitioning display shelves which is positionable at any location along the length of the shelf without the necessity of having a supporting structure at the front edge of the shelf comprising a slotted L-shaped holder employing a bifurcated cam-shaped protrusio ...

Richter Helmut, Forster Eckehard, Spetzler Edgar, Wendorff Jochen, Rommerswinkel Heinrich Wilhelm: Method for the desulfurization of a steel melt. Thyssen Niederrhein Hutten und Walzwerke, Ross Karl F, Dubno Herbert, May 27, 1975: US3885957 (22 worldwide citation)

A steel melt is desulfurized in a ladle lined with dolomite magnesite or other refractory lining have an aluminum oxide content in excess of 70 percent (wt), by injecting at least 2,000 mm below the melt surface, finely divided calcium-containing compound after a basic-slag layer is applied to the s ...

Eckehard Forster, Helmut Richter, Edgar Spetzler, Jochen Wendorff, Wilhelm Klapdar, Heinrich Wilhelm Rommerswinkel: Method of desulfurization of a steel melt. Thyssen Niederrhein Hutten und Walzwerke, Karl F Ross, Herbert Dubno, September 14, 1976: US03980469 (21 worldwide citation)

A steel melt is confined and subjected to a partial vacuum. A particulate additive is entrained by a neutral nonreactive carrier gas and introduced into the melt below the surface thereof at a depth such that the additive is immediately vaporized and rises toward the surface of the melt in the form ...

Heinrich Wilhelm: Front panel and partition holder for display shelf. Lindsley Warren F B, January 28, 1975: US3862784 (16 worldwide citation)

Means for mounting front panels and partitions on storage and display shelves comprising an extension laterally arranged on the shelf employing a recess for receiving an inserted attachment which attachment is grooved to support the front panels and the partitions.

Ruppert Heinrich Wilhelm, Schuetze Gunter, Gaetschmann Klaus: Tobacco product for producing a home-made cigarette and apparatus for the same.. Efka Werke Kiehn Fritz, March 2, 1994: EP0584805-A1 (15 worldwide citation)

A tobacco product for producing a home-made cigarette, consisting of one or more tobacco portion(s) (47) comprising in each case at least two partial quantities (48 or 50) and being held together by inner and/or outer fixing means (49), each partial quantity (48 or 50) containing approximately the q ...

Krumb Heinrich Wilhelm, Reichmann Karl Heinz: Motor vehicle lights, particularly flash-lights.. Opel Adam, April 8, 1981: EP0026402-A1 (11 worldwide citation)

1. Motor vehicle light, in particular flashing light, which inserted in recesses (21, 22, 23) of the body and which is secured therein in a force-locking and form-fitting manner by means of elastic locking elements (18, 19, 20), the elastic locking elements having latches (28, 40) which grip the bod ...

Heinrich Wilhelm: Display shelving. Lindsley Warren F B, November 5, 1974: US3845864 (10 worldwide citation)

An improved display shelf molded from a synthetic plastic material incorporating longitudinal embedded reinforcing bars, slotted ends for the reception and concealing of mounting brackets and a specially contoured top and bottom surface for aesthetic and functional purposes.

Schramm Heinrich Wilhelm, Wehmeier Reinhard: Syringe.. Henke Sass Wolf, January 2, 1985: EP0129745-A2 (9 worldwide citation)

The syringe is provided with a bending facility for bending the needle (34). The bending facility is formed, for example, by a hinge (42) arranged between a housing (10), for receiving a barrel ampoule, and a needle holder (32). When the front end of the needle (34) is angled relative to the housing ...

Forster Eckehard, Richter Helmut, Spetzler Edgar, Wendorff Jochen, Klapdar Wilhelm, Rommerswinkel Heinrich Wilhelm: Apparatus for treating a melt. Thyssen Niederrhein Hutten und Walzwerke, Ross Karl F, Dubno Herbert, June 24, 1975: US3891196 (8 worldwide citation)

An apparatus for treating a melt, especially a bath of molten steel or molten iron to be refined into steel in a ladle or the like, comprises a vessel containing the pulverulent material (e.g. a desulfurizing or nitrification substance) which is connected at its lower end with the upper end of a lan ...

Frode Jorgensen Beck, Heinrich Wilhelm Lambach: Dispenser carton boxes. Brdr Schur International J W Schursevej, Craig & Antonelli, January 3, 1978: US04066207 (8 worldwide citation)

A sales and dispenser carton box having in its top panel a dispenser opening normally closed by an internal closing plate portion constituting an integral part of the blank from which the box is erected and being displaceable to open and close the opening, the closing plate being hinged to the free ...