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Steam reformer comprises a plate stacking or tubular bundle type reactor unit containing a vaporizer (1), prereformer (2, 3), main reformer (4), CO remover (5, 6) and catalytic burner (7, 8). The prereformer is in direct heat contact with one of the vaporizer and the main reformer with the catalytic ...

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Heating takes place during cold start-up. In a first phase of operation, the catalytic combustor (11a, 11b, 11c) in thermal contact with the reformer (1) and evaporator (2) is heated above the boiling point of water, by catalytic combustion of hydrocarbon and/or hydrogen with an oxidant gas. In the ...

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The membrane has a layer on one side which promotes catalytic combustion. Independent claims are included for: (a) a methanol reformer (1) separating hydrogen (14) from product gases of the methanol-reforming reaction, where the separator is a membrane of the type described; (b) operation of such a ...

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Production of a stack reactor (20) made up of several stacked catalyst plates (10) comprises sintering the catalyst plates (10) in a stack.

Autenrieth Rainer, Boneberg Stefan, Heil Dietmar, Schuessler Martin, Strobel Barbara, Wieland Steffen, Zur Megede Detlef Dr: Device and method for steam reforming of hydrocarbons. Dbb Fuel Cell Engines, June 9, 1999: EP0921585-A2 (6 worldwide citation)

Apparatus for steam reforming hydrocarbons has catalytic burners to quickly achieve normal operating conditions in a vehicle fuel cell system on cold starting. The apparatus for carrying out the steam reforming comprises: (a) a vaporizer (2); (b) a pre-reformer unit connected to the vaporizer and ha ...

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The CO in a flowing gas mixture contg. H2 is catalytically oxidised in an appts. that first reduces its temp. with the help of static mixer structures as it enters the reactor and then feeds in an oxidising gas through several inlets, at a rate that depends on the operational parameters. The reactor ...

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An assembly reconstitutes methanol using steam in a converter having a number of catalyst-filled tubes surrounded by a heating medium. The novelty is that each reaction tube (3) is surrounded by a second concentric outer tube (5) to form a passage (4) through which the heating medium flows. Further ...

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The ultrasound welding device (1) for welding overlapping sheet formations (65a, 65b) comprises a continuously operable roller sonotrode (13) and at least one guide wheel (59a, 59b) which is arranged laterally of the roller sonotrode (13). During the welding the sheet formations (65a, 65b) are guide ...

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Steam reforming reactor comprises an alternating sequence of layers, each comprising a reforming zone (4) filled with an endothermic reforming catalyst, a heat-conducting partition (1) and a heating zone (2) containing an exothermic reaction catalyst in the form of a coating (3), where the volume of ...

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Arrangement for the preparation of heat energy for a gas production system, consists of: (a) a central component with a main combustion chamber in which a fuel is catalytically oxidised with the aid of an oxygen-containing gas; (b) a first pipe for introducing a fuel/gas mixture to the chamber; (c) ...