He Xiaoming, Toth Thomas L, Toner Mehmet, Edd Jon: Methods for the cryopreservation of mammalian cells. The General Hospital Corporation, He Xiaoming, Toth Thomas L, Toner Mehmet, Edd Jon, CLARK Paul T, October 25, 2007: WO/2007/120829 (4 worldwide citation)

The present invention features novel methods for the cryopreservation of mammalian cell that combine the advantages of the slow-freezing and vitrification approaches while avoiding their shortcomings. Generally, the methods include the use of a capillary tube made of a thermally conductive wall mate ...

Kian Kouroche, He Xiaoming, Mehrabi Ali, Wang Haochuan: Method and apparatus for creating rfid devices using masking techniques. Avery Dennison Corporation, Kian Kouroche, He Xiaoming, Mehrabi Ali, Wang Haochuan, LANGTON Grant T, March 20, 2008: WO/2008/033680 (3 worldwide citation)

A method for creating a plurality of semiconductor assemblies that includes the steps of creating a plurality of quasi-wafers, each quasi-wafer comprising a plurality of semiconductor devices; transferring the plurality of semiconductor devices on each quasi-wafers onto a carrier having a functional ...

Sun Jennifer Y, Thach Senh, Dempster Jim, Xu Li, Collins Kenneth S, Duan Ren Guan, Graves Thomas, He Xiaoming, Yuan Jie: Method of coating semiconductor processing apparatus with protective yttrium-containing coatings. Applied Materials, CHURCH Shirley L, February 5, 2009: WO/2009/017766 (1 worldwide citation)

Methods of applying specialty ceramic materials to semiconductor processing apparatus, where the specialty ceramic materials are resistant to halogen-comprising plasmas. The specialty ceramic materials contain at least one yttrium oxide-comprising solid solution. Some embodiments of the specialty ce ...


Zhou Shengming, Wang Jun, Zou Jun, Zhang Lianhan, He Xiaoming, Li Shuzhi: Thermal-insulating cover used in czochralski method growth of crystal with volatility at high temperature. Shanghai Institute Of Optics &Amp Precision Mechanics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, zhang zechun, November 22, 2006: CN200610025643

The invention discloses a thermal insulation case of high-temperature volatile crystal through sash growth method, which comprises the following parts: insulating layer to support copple, insulating case with cavity on the copple and insulating layer, insulating case lid and feed-through on the cent ...

Zhao Guangjun, He Xiaoming, Xu Jun: Substrate clamping devices for film growth by liquid phase extension. Shanghai Optical Precision Machinry Inst, Chinese Academy of Sciences, zhang zechun, June 18, 2003: CN03114817

A substrate fixture for liquid-phase epitaxial growth of film is composed of a substrate clamping disk with a substrate locating cavity and locating through hole and a connecting rod perpendicular to said disk at its circular center. It can make the substrate rotate at high speed in the solution for ...

Xie Dasen, Chen Qinghua, He Xiaoming: Molecule labeling method for female gene of jie gourd. Inst Of Vegetables, Guangdong, Prov Academy Of Agricultural Sciences, li weidong, November 5, 2003: CN03126581

The present invention relates to breeding and maintaining all male line and all female line of Jie gourd and the method of utilizing the all male line and all female line of Jie gourd in molecule labeling of female gene. By means of improved CTAB method, all male DNA and all female DNA are extracted ...

Li Lixin, Zhou Ruiqing, Hu Wensheng, Shi Yuezhi, Wang Rong, Guan Lufeng, He Xiaoming, Sun Yongguo, Xia Lei, Yang Zhonglu, Wang Wenchang: Process of directly preparing urea by tripoly cyanamide. Donghua Engineering Sci &Amp Tech, yucheng dun, July 18, 2007: CN200610096906

This invention relates to a urea preparation methods which directly use melamine assembly end gas, including high pressure synthesis, midst-low-pressure decomposition, condensing pressure, low pressure condensate recovery steps. First absorbing and condensing melamine assembly end gas (composition: ...

He Xiaoming, Zhu Mingying: Method for establishing label switched path of minimized path preemption cost. China Telecom Corporation, litian jiang, April 2, 2008: CN200610141436

The invention provides an establishing method of label switching path of minimizing path occupy cost in a multi protocol switching network. A link is wiped out when the not-reserved bandwidth is smaller than the bandwidth r of label switching path established by request in network topology. In the r ...


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