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A spinal disc prosthesis (10) to replace a damaged spinal disc in a spinal column (16) of a human, includes an elastomeric core (200) having upper and lower surfaces (202, 212) which are parallel to each other. An upper rigid plate (20) has opposed first and second surfaces (42, 52). The first surfa ...



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This invention relates to a method of treating an intervertebral disc comprising locally identifying a pathologic tissue site and therapeutically treating the identified site.

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An implant comprises a photocatalytic layer on at least one surface. In some embodiments, the photocatalytic layer is a semiconductor oxide that is doped. According to some embodiments, the implant comprises a wave guide. According to some embodiments the implant comprises a light port. According to ...

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An implantable medical connector device is provided that employs a snap-on technology to safely and easily mate with another device. The medical connector device generally includes an elongate member having first and second connectors members formed on opposed ends thereof. Each connector member inc ...


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This invention relates to a method and compositions for treating pathological intervertebral discs comprising the step of delivering an agent that causes chemical crosslinking of the native molecular components of the disc. Supplemental materials which are susceptible to crosslinking by the aforemen ...

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An intervertebral fusion device includes a body having a proximal portion along a major axis of the body and a distal portion along the major axis, and supporting means at the distal portion. The supporting means supports vertebrae in a distracted position while the vertebrae fuse. At least one of t ...

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The invention comprises flat, porous, bioabsorbable implants that are conducive to tissue ingrowth at spinal implantation site, and once absorbed, leave behind a functional ligamentous structure. A preferred material is small intestinal submucosa. Also disclosed are anchoring devices for attaching s ...