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A photothermographic material has a support bearing a photosensitive layer containing an organic silver salt, a photosensitive silver halide, a reducing agent, and a ultrahigh contrast promoting agent. The support is a plastic film having a Tg of at least 90 DEG C. Better results are obtained when T ...

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A method of producing a thermoplastic film, which can increase uniformity of Re and Rth of a thermoplastic film obtained by stretching, and which can provide a thermoplastic film having few display irregularities when the film is incorporated into a liquid crystal display device as a retardation fil ...

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A cellulose acylate film characterized in that it has a shear rate dependency of melt viscosity of 0.1 to 2 and/or a temperature dependency of melt viscosity of 0.1 to 3. The cellulose acylate film is capable of suppressing generation of cutting wastage at the time of cutting.

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A silver halide light-sensitive material comprising a polyester film support having thereon at least one light-sensitive layer, wherein: (1) said polyester film support satisfies the following relationships: Tg + 55 X >/= -0.74Tg + 71.7 wherein Tg is a glass transition temperature ( DEG C); A is an ...

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A photographic material comprising a silver halide photographic material which has a magnetic recording layer having a coercive force of at least 400 Oe and a patrone for silver halide photographic material wherein a leading end of a silver halide photographic material wound around a spool is delive ...

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In collectively and electrically erase a plurality of memory cells, to set the threshold values of the memory cells constant, electrons are previously stored in the floating gates of the memory cells (M11-Mlm) (S1). The memory cells whose floating gates are accumulated with electrons are electricall ...

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A timing recovering apparatus comprises an equalizer for equalizing a digital data signal subjected to interleaved NRZI such that the digital data signal has partial response (1, 0, -1), two comparators for comparing the equalized data signal with two different reference levels, two phase comparing ...

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The digital processing apparatus (P1) includes a high speed response PLL (13) that produces a first clock signal (Sc1) locked on the horizontal synchronization signal (H. sync.) included in the video signal (Sv) input thereto. A analog to digital converter (19) converts the input video signal (Sv) w ...

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There is provided a method for producing a thermoplastic film that has a small distribution of retardation and excels in optical properties. In the method for producing a thermoplastic film by after extruding a molten resin from a die into a sheet, and cooling and solidifying the extruded sheet on a ...

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For sufficient diagnostic operation, there is disclosed a semiconductor memory device having a write-in mode, a read-out mode and a diagnostic mode, comprising; a) a check-bit producing circuit (52) operative to produce check-bits based on data bits of a data information supplied from the outside th ...