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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To generate a uniform plasma over a wide range by confining a plasma generated by interaction of a microwave with an electron cyclotron resonance magnetic field by a permanent magnet disposed around its waveguide, with a cusp magnetic field of permanent magnets disposed with th ...

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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a microwave plasma treatment apparatus capable of applying plasma treatment to an object to be treated over a wide range while suppressing the effect of a magnetic field. SOLUTION: A plasma treatment apparatus surrounds an electronic heating space chamber and forms a ...

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There are provided an electron beam application method and an electron beam application device capable of uniformly applying electron beams to an object even if the electron beams have a low energy. For this, electron beams (EB) are applied to a beverage container (30) (object) within a magnetic bar ...

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A polymerization initiator composition comprising 100 parts by weight of an organic boron compound (A) and 10 to 150 parts by weight of an aprotic solvent (B) having a boiling point of 30 to 150 DEG C, is useful as an initiator in a dental or surgical adhesive composition.

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This disclosure relates to a vertical mill, a classifier for the mill, and a controller for the classifier. The vertical mill includes a casing having a top plate, and the classifier is adjacent the top plate. Beneath the top plate, upon which impinges an upwardly moving gas and powdery material bei ...


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Aromatic amine derivatives of the formula wherein Ar is an aromatic group comprising a benzene ring to which is fused an oxygen-containing heterocyclic group and A is a nitrogen atom or - @=, wherein X is hydrogen, chlorine, nitro or trifluoromethyl, are useful intermediate compounds for herbicides.

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Materials such as cement clinker are crushed by utilizing a crushing apparatus including a vertical roller mill (21) provided with a rotatable table (34) and a plurality of rollers (38) and a distributing device (26) for distributing materials preliminarily crushed by the vertical roller mill (21). ...

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A substituted phenoxy urea having the formula: wherein A is a halogen atom or a trifluoromethyl group, each of X, Y and Z is a hydrogen atom, a halogen atom or a trifluoromethyl group, R1 is a C1-C6 alkyl group, a lower alkoxyl group, a lower alkoxyl-substituted lower alkyl group, a cyclo-lower alky ...